Love Machine

Awesome F
My goals this year are failing faster and faster which is very good news. This means I a, learning faster and more meaningful lessons learned. I know training is the key and to be trained by the best. You have to be so careful what you put into your brain. I watched a film and now I am relating my life to that film. You need a common enemy to unite the world with a stream of Consciences. I am in a poetic mood and feel the need to create.
I feel trapped by mental blockage the cause and effect, the patience and prudence and Conscience incompetence. The further I seek the knowledge and the further I go, the eager I am to achieve my goals. I am in conflict with the fact that this may be cause my lack of achievement. And has become the fuel in my furnace, The pain makes me strong and the long term goal adds clearance to the tunnel. I am a smart dumb guy willing to try. In order to be free you have to think you are not free……….Go figure that one out.
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