Love Machine

Awesome F
More work to be done, emotional roller coaster of a weekend with the GF and some polarization to my new base state. I have spent so long striving and reaching that I have forgot to sell the roses. Thats right I have been enjoying my time and not planning for the future.  I aim for so many vast things and I feel unable to grasp them however the things I once wanted are now past and I have achieved them. I am not happy. The phrase no one will willing i’ve you anything keeps coming to mind and I know all I have to do it take the things I want. Step up and be counted. I have the knowledge now time for the experience. Maybe its time for the short game strategy. I used to think al the pain in my life was necessary and I would one day be free and able to look back day dreaming about stuff that could happen. Time for a change, time to grow up. Just like being born, kicking and screaming.

When I reach the mountian top then what.............i guess you go back down. What do i mean by this. I am out of balance.
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