Love Machine

Awesome F
At an attempt to write money I find myself just wanting to write and release. I have created a new home with a dedicated music room to launch my music from . However thing are always troublesome. Empty promises and broken agreements. My bank has once again shown its true colors and fucked me over again. Anyway it took a girl at work to shake me back up. I said I am working to hard on the money thing she replied it your perspective. Wow my own words back at me. So I have learnt I plan all the time and I want so many things all of which money can fix right now. I know no one is going to give me money or anything for that matter, The results from this discovery is that you have to take everything you want.
This is something I am not comfortable with, the idea that you have to give value to something in order to receive or take value. Remember the saying it is better to give than to receive. In writing this I have realized the reason for my unhappiness is the failure to Lead or the inability to LEAD in my current environment. Money will not solve this only Will, mental strength.
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