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Awesome F
"There's been nothing but discipline, discipline, discipline all my life."
-- Celine Dion, singer

I have been in a man cave again, in my location of solitude, various things but mainly it money, Lack of attention, lack of management and a lack of education. I always thought it was My fault and I felt really bad about it. About not knowing anything about personal finance expect what is common knowledge.

This Weekend I forgave myself, How could I know something I have never been taught, with out knowing I need the knowledge or rather how important the mastering of this skill it. My top Priority Goal is now My A1,

The power to gain and keep money is the most important skill one can grasp; Wealth management is a core skill that I have no concrete understanding. This stems from self Mastery and taming the wild beast.
My beast is money and it shall be tamed
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