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Today it different the numbness has started, the film has begun again. The onset of a fundamental change has opened its seed ready to flower. Like a caterpillar creating a cocoon, I realize I have been building a shell to be creative and protected in my own environment. and now the haze as I cover myself. You cannot be free if you are still attached to the grid, to the system. A statement of freedom is the ability to self reliable and not reliant on any other manmade construct that you yourself cannot construct. It is the result of the eventuality for current trends and the inevitably that the little guy will always get shit on. The goal is to not be the little guy. I remember reading when America was obsessed with building underground bunkers incase the shit hit the fan and now in the end nothing happened all the effort you could say has been wasted. I found Earthships and my life has changed. This is my way non reliant on the system not can fail at anytime and ultimately when the system goes down that you can’t directly fix your are in the shit cause you’re a user not a creator. You’re a little guy looking up. Own your house, Self sustain, No bills, Grow your food, catch your own water and treat your waste. Be a Man a true king of your castle, not a pretend king paying for utilities the real source of power. Without power we can still live, but without food, water and shelter we will die. Can you honestly say you trust the electric company, Gas company and government to act in your best interest………. Or there’s.

How would it feel having no bills, free power and water and true control over your food?
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