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I am writing this on my phone on the grain down to the city. Strange i'm nervous been like this all day. I can feel the romp mode coming back,

I get in almost leaving and guess who shows up. Tasha. I know whats coming, the break up. I let her in and tell her i'm leaving. I quickly grab my shit and leave.

The look a little peacock
Black narrow leg jeans, black tight tank top, black hat. Sliver grey shades with three silver wrist things a shinny watch a two pinky rings.. I fucking love it.

She see this and knows whats up. Its strange i was unable to get out of romp mode, i having too much fun and she could not help but enjoy it. She was mad at me and i i just acepted the emotions and moved on. The layers of bull shit are coming down.

Nothing can bring my state down.
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Awesome F

Awesome F

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 Mother Funking Solo is the shit. I romped Manchester like it owed me money. Leeds is so over. I got of the Train there late due to dumping then walked for a bit, Found bar and did the usually AFC stuff. I went straight to the bathroom. I was bursting. There was a room attendant we chat. Then a welsh guy in a bule all in one gimp suits comes out. We hit it off and Just like that I have an instant wing.

I have seen this before and the suit is an attention magnet, So I work out the logistics and he’s on a stage do but only him and his friend are left. And now I have 2 suits and me all pimped out in Black. We own the Bar. Set after set. Moving pulling Kiss closing, Dance off’s real fun stuff. I forgot how much I loved it.

My only rule was no Fat chicks it was a success and was pulling 8’s and 9’s. The hottest yet a Blonde personal trainer. Too cute ahhhhh!. Proper game,

Routes Used.
On a 2 set blonde 7 and black 6 near the bar I open with the come here finger and point. She shakes her head and does the opener back to me. I go over and stare into her eyes we keep this going for a while then she kisses me. With do this for a while. Its was that simple. I lock her in with my hat then go open another set.

2 set Fitness girl and sister. 8 and 7. Open with a point and a cheeky grin. I stack with your a bad girl and I open her sister my 2 temp wings occupy the 7. Me and fitness chat a bit, then dance, I false time constrate and take away. I then grab her sister and start a dancewich I get my 3 borner of the night and she says your hard. I hit straight back I know look what you did I’m saying away your trouble, I go back in and we kiss in front of the my target. ‘Fuck’ it just happened.
Fitness girl then got opened by some chode and kept looking at to see it I was watching. If I had more time I would have gone all the way. Next time.

The moment I enter the bar I kiss closed the 1st set. That is how on this night was.

My Redhead queen, Just before I leave I say see her all sexy and lush. I open with who are you? She put her phone down and biggest smile I have seen ever. She burst out I’m all me. We chat then I say next time and head for the train.

No blowouts, opened Guys and girls. Pulled multiple girls in the same set. I love the feeling of expanding your comfort Zone.

Next Harrogate
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