Love Machine

Awesome F
What I have learned is that there is a new place. Deeper, stronger and more fulfilled. I love Pick up like Michelangelo loves being a turtle. Can this be let go? I really want to go into teaching this stuff. It pains me to think there are men who cannot do this stuff or are afraid to be themselves while some douches swans in and takes all the women. Admittedly this has been me in the past on both sides. I am now happier at a base level than ever before. The connection of information has been crazy and the level of learning has blown my mind.

I have learnt thing I did not know existed, whole fields of study I never knew about and I really thought I knew it all and what I did not know was not worthy of knowing. Totally a messed up kid and I thank every second of it. Its been a great learning lesion so far. I feel like a Jedi Knight, like I have been exposed to the force, to the mind and the power contained] there in. Now I feel shock that I let Women get so outta control. That I really spent so much time on it.

Funny on the other side it looks strange, Getting numbers ect…….Just tell her to give it to you durrr.

To the next strange I think I am on 4.0
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