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 I’m tired having so many beaking thoughts my head hurts. I realised now that I never wanted success with women, What I want is success in life and the girl is a part of that need.

Mastery of Life and the fundamentals of what makes me happy is the key to this whole thing ‘happiness’. When I say this I mean you will only the girl if you are happy. What ever it takes you to get there , that must be done. This maybe in the moment or in the long run.

Been spending time organising the goals and assessing my habits in regards to behaviours and adjustments in life skills. I always had the view that other people where keeping the secrets and I had no chance of success. I already have to plan, I know what it takes the problem is I will not allow myself to do the thing necessary to succeed.

Work to be done. re-associate bad habits, have an end goal in mind. Keeping aim at the target.

I'm so on its scary, its now a matter of time.


This happiness makes girls loose there shit.  Boo has his own facebook Page.
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