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 Hitting Karaoke on a Friday night. 

With the Aim not to really not give a fuck, I spent the night evoking the aura of non fuck giving. I realised this during a singing lesson I had. Facing the fear of being judged in isolation is terrifying. AA is nothing compared to it, letting your core bare. I have been work beasting all week increasing my efficiency and workload, I knew tonight was going to be a push as I was been burning the candle at both ends. My wing was on a downer all day and I really wanted to go out. I spent the day challenging his state. 

I had the lesson then found my wing man and hit the Karaoke Bar. I walk in open the 1st set instantly. amazing we start singing, grinding, jumping. then I eject and open another set. boom, same cool and sexy time and then A guy grabs me and we start dancing and jumping and singing. By this point I'm so tired and really not caring so I high five and get a drink. Awesome intro entrance. Been relaxed and aroused loving it so much I starting caring that I was not caring I'm sure there is a name for it. ‘the Fuck it vortex’ (I own that now). I let go and let the night happen. My state was honest.

O I nearly forgot. We sung Kiss and I was owning the crowd, making eyes at the front row. I kept eye contact and kissed a girl during the chorus. not giving a fuck is great. I was not on, I was not off. I was me and it was AWESOME! 
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 way to own that shit!!

I gotta get more into that, talking to the first person I see. I did that last week, and it made my state awesome....
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