Love Machine

Awesome F
Post PU in to a Long term relationship and been about 3 months from the dating and now we have moved in .I like taking big scary steps into the abyss of darkness; Love. So the fear is being this exclusive at this stage in my transformation development was clearly not my intention, I feel like the guy who closes the 1st set on Bootcamp and leaves. Now the flipside of this is that I have re learned to lead everything I do and not leading causes pain. I love women in fact I love people. I fall in love all the time. I make sure everything is fascinating and I study. Looking back I through I was good at 21, will I look back at 41 and say wow what a douche I was in my thirties. Different environment have different rules and they all have the same rules. So that is common and unique. Unsure will come back later.
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