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 Where are we now, I call it internalising. And the the difference between Knowledge and understanding and Knowledge and action. This week I have been applying the theories I have been immersing myself in lately.

I have been unknowingly applying some sheen-ology and had a 2 week unstoppable romp. All day at work, home and play. Not stop and in hindsight this was one of my long term goals to realign myself into 1 being aka Awesome. Work felt like the club and the club felt like work.

The new thing this week is women types, I realised I was amazing with one type of women and this has been an eruption. I through I was getting better and the blow out’s where because I was rubbish. It turns out that is true. But for a whole new reason. My friend gave me the Pandora Box’s knowledge.

So Far it making sense, Deep down I knew it,. Because we (humans) live in a communal constructed space build by social media, religion and advertise ect….the results will be a group of people that react and respond to certain ‘methods’ in similar ways. If you could see the whole and how the girl interacts with the whole same a night-club you can bend it to your will. IE: not seeing the Matix, using the Matrix. Its the difference between knowing and understanding and taking action upon that knowledge.

Unconscious I am always going towards my goals that I have unconsciously set. Now I have turned the bamboozling fool off and gained direction in my life, I have begun to ask deeper questions and grow reaping bigger rewards. Taking bigger risks and lossing more too. The formula is begging to emerge and I like it. Ratio…………...
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