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I have a love hate relationship with the friend zone. tonight I when round to see a friend I have been spending a lot of time focusing on work beasting, frame control and being head of the state. I realise now it has all be to get to a point. not god with game but to really not give a fuck. I know it makes sense to be content and honest with the world about who I am. But to really not give a fuck, deep to the core to know that the hot blonde turbo girl has no affect on my core is my true aim. I can fact it real good and lie, be a big pimp and go home and cry about all the shit I did. Its funny I am giving a fuck about not giving a fuck. Which leads me on the Friend zone. 

Tonight I spent the evening with a friend who is cute, Now i a very open person or normal as some would say. I went to see her with the aim of not giving a fuck and being real about my attention and intention. So we instanly get talking about all kinds of stuff, I notice i was talking with more passion and keeping eye contact. Hand movements and all the stuff I have been field testing, The vibe had changed in a good way. I still would like to but I really enjoyed being real friends and not trying to bed her. one day I will totally free from this sex burden and totally friend zone free. 
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