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Harrogate Un close Della the Virgin,

In this game failure is met by success, I knew it was wrong at every-step yet I still let it happen. The nice chode in me raised it head for the last night. I failed to build a good rapport and comfort at the family bday party but failed to open the group. Dad mainly
At the end of the night I could sense the night coming. In it was bad but I let it happen to me. I thought is was a few little sets but really it was one big set. Like 30 people. I

I failed to engage the group and Lead like normal, I should have build comfort with the whole group then isolated. Text book fail. My day game was on fire so it balanced well. The night ended without my 1st virgin close but I’m getting closer. Next time My location, my rules.

How many times: failure comes from lack of leadership.

Lessons Learnt:

BE the man and lead regardless
Get better logistics
Follow my instinct - I gave up a sure thing to stay choding
Trust your judgement and leave on a high.
Do what must be done regardless of how you feel.
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