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The Game changer

Somethings in Game take time to click while other things just latch on and make sense. I just had a game changer event. My stomach is turning and heart is pounding and back of my head is aching. My mind is wondering crazily trying to make sense of it all. I just had a phone call with a senior manager and the call was different I was different, I was ‘ME’ and it felt good.

I was speaking a deep voice and with an air of calm, She wanted some documents and I slipped a tease. She started giggling, like a set........I know crazy this is a senior manager acting like a night club girl. It was the ease of the attraction spike, that I was not doing anything and more so i didn’t care. This was me in all my shit and glory. I am longer doing I am being.
I know game is indiscriminatal and applies to all. I understand that power I thought I was unplugged before. Now I know I can transcend my deep conditioning and insight the attraction formulas where ever.

They know
What is strange is that others could tell. I looked up in my office and the girls said have you changed something, is something different’. I could not begin to say I have had a deep level change in my operation matrix. I understand now I placed myself at the value I thought I was worth within this constructed system. Once I notice the box I can live and act outside it, free on its constraints.

I always told my wing; that this is localised game and it happens in a controlled environment ie; social conditioning with rules and system of interaction. We can transcend it and make changes, be expectations to the rules. Bend the rules to benefit us. He always said it could not be controlled. If so then who is controlling it?
I have always had a struggle with the higher management as I had a crippling need to please and supplicate. I would speak soft and stutter more. I would get mixed up and forget my points. This time I was just me, Clam, relaxed and centred.

The game has deepened............................Level 3
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