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Friends not your friends

A wise man said to me when I told him about a night out. ‘Your friends will not suck your dick, so why let them stop you from getting laid. Seems like my kind of Logic.

Act one: The story begins with a normal invitation for a party on a normal Saturday night. This was my friends baby shower an evening filled with girls and me. Although I did get some stick from the odd chode for spending my Saturday night with a bunch of girls, drinking and having. I could not figured out why being the only guy a baby shower is a bad thing. Other than the usual guy remarks to be followed by but your a slut.
My goal of becoming the sex worthy man has been achieved as during a long tale of some of my resent conquest the prize you’re the office came out’. If you would have told me a year ago in all my AFC glory I would be the office with the tools to pick my target I would laughed my ass off.

As day turned to night and the party begun to fill I found myself at the centre of a moral conversation. Focused on my current choice of girlfriend and somehow becoming the invisible man. I don’t know my shield got a rammed as I was constantly under fire over my choice to get back with the Ex. It’s such a shame that would never understand the change that pick Up is. How I could never be mad at her for outing my chode ways. I thank her for showing me how much of a douche I used to. How much a I became. She should a PU medal for making me face my feelings and MAN the fuck UP. So yeah I know woman and social situation I understand deep inner game, how the mid works. Influence and power. Yes I can go out and get laid when I want. I understand emotional energy.

After flirting with 3 girls in the party and getting attracting from my target full confidence it was a matter of choosing to engage, like lion deciding to chill with a lioness rather than mount her. I can feel a pull to the dark side of the force.

To be continued……..
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