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Day 7: all day: - Interior bed.

November 7th 2010.
Me: I have been in bed since Friday night its now Sunday. No Sarge no women and calls nothing. Cancelled all weekend plans, flaked a few girls and friends really bad. I realised by girl 3 I did not like it. Not the sex the success, I have what I wanted. A different girl every-night, multiple avenues of closing. The Light still alludes I thought maybe I failed the challenge but no…. this is the challenge. Face the fear and go hard for thirty days. I have learned too much is too much. I still have a life which has to balance, I need rest days and real defined goals, The Game is more than getting chicks ...its my father to the fatherless, its my sport. The unwritten guide that no one showed me. I guess the realisation is No one owns you anything and equally YOU don’t own anybody anything. The world will give you nothing You take everything you need. (YOU Take) I’m still not comfortable with this, the conditioning goes deep. I’m a 10 why do I stop myself….self sabotage, ok so I freaked out. Imagine life with the breaks off…….
Here’s the plan, Get back on it hard. Break over. SMART Goals. Finish all my un-accomplished plans. Call all the people I flaked. Get a shower and eat…...The highs and lows eh….
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