Love Machine

Awesome F
Day one: Morning: - Interior Awesome bedroom.
November 1st 2010.
Awesome F:
………..And so it begins , Thirty days of everything, Game, Tony Robinson's’ Personal Power and Shaun T’s Insanity Workout. 30 days of 30 approaches a day with a report on each interaction. I live in Leeds, England which has the 3rd biggest student population in the UK after Manchester and London. With a population of 715,402 and of which 369,648 are female. With 83,591 aged between 20 and 34. Leeds like most compact inner cites has many scenes and subcultures. I aim to be awesome in them all, learn the city and make it mine.

Today’s aim is to approach women and get information for the weeks activities of social gatherings. Rule always be closing. 30 girls everyday for 30 days. Simple no routines all natural. Stay in set until full extraction or full blow out.

Tools: Voice Recording device, Pen, Pad/dairy, Phone and super state.
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