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 The 30 days days come to an end with some life changing realisations and the further peel back of pick up. Towards the end of the month I started to slow down with going out with the multitude of people I have been hanging out with. Without further ado the Results:

The end of Awesome 30 Days of pick up:

The Girls: - Summary
Went out pulled a few girls, did loads of day 2’s ect… it’s not important anymore its fun. I was selling myself short before. a new level of awesomeness has been created. Some real Zen stuff . I am me, girls who like feeling good like me. We have sex….done,

Fitness: -
I Ran my 1st 10K non stop at a time of 58 minutes which is really for for a beginner and I could not have done it with the Forum and a 10 mind set. Now I have a bench mark to get me out of the chode mind set anytime.

Work: -
I translated the mind set to the work environment with great successes. If you treat your job like a HB how would you approach, attract, seek, take her out ect...I had some hard questions to ask and I now have a reason to live after some dark moments. Giving up on life.

Findings: To be good at game I have to be clear at want I want in life. Its not nice breaking hearts and turning girls into stalkers wanting sex all the time. Plus I have to know what I need. If I work out the why the how makes it self. Christmas is going to be great.

Rules: No unnecessary gaming, High standers reap high rewards.
Personalities rule, You can’t fuck a personality
We are all equal there is no spoon, Non of it is real.
Have fun...girls will come.
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