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Another MAn Cave weekend, Solitude and education while wearing little and enjoying my own company. A lot of the terms used here I did not fully understand. I have been looking for a definition of Life, Power, Emotion, Happiness and so on. I am looking for the Man Manual. The rules, Do we have rules that govern Male maturity.Watching David Deep inner game solved a lot of problems. I Know I have now been less knowledge then I thought mostly a service lack of experience and I have a lot of life experience however I lack in the area of Power, Time and money. This is my next goal to become a MAN. Something better than who I am. Time to hit the field, Travel and further reading.
What is Power?
How to obtain wealth?
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As I see it power is the ability to influence the world around you.
The more influence the more power.

Chris Rock has a funny view on wealth...
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