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Awesome F
Day 17: Int; DVD shoot Retail store.............7.30 AM

I have been working on inner game hard over the past couple days I’ll post that later,

FR Time, This Morning I was invited to take part in a video shoot for the company training department. As I got there I was wet, cold and out of state. Then one of my old District Managers came in and gave me a hug and a smile. (*bling* game on). I naturally flirted away; and I remebered how good it feels to treat a girl to sexual emotions. I love it. Been a few days.

I said a few choice thing s to get her state going and the result was she was so taken back she said to everyone
Manager: He getting me going this one
Awesome: Smiles and looked disinterested (right)
Awesome: Blah you know you look better with no makeup on, women like you don’t need it
Manger: o if i would have known

We flirt like this for a bit the she says its like we are a couple (o yeah really). We play this role in the DVD. Then she forgets where she is and starts acting like it a club. I ask her if she is coming to the Christmas party. We joke for bit....I am emilaing her now. It ABC


Awesome is F
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