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Brighton gets awesome. The chronicles of a chode in defeat.

Arrival: I am in Brighton for the xmas holidays, As I arrived we hit the strip. I have been concerned about this trip because my family really tool me hard. It use to get to me as I tried to ignore it. Now I see the R.A.S in them and I can’t help but smile at them knowing it’s all bullshit and is nothing to my state. They talk a good game about picking up girls ect..They even tried to make fun of my Blazer and Hat..(haaaaaaaa aaaa!) I tried to tell them no one cares what they wear in the club, Shit I don’t care as long I am being true to myself. Which means Big pimping baby.

The Bar: After some major Amoging and tooling session during the walk there. I notice I was still in state, All there talk had no effect on me at all as I had one goal to have fun regardless, To be the one having the most fun. If I found which I was easy. We rolled into the 1st bar and I was in super state from the word go. Walked in opened 1st set with a Merry xmas and hugs. The whole night was like this open boom, boom, boom, while the chode’s watched, drank and complained. It got to the point where they where saying I was desperate and going too fast also I was only talking to dudes. (the chode lives in delusion)

The Closes: this became ridiculous as we started bouncing clubs and I kept seeing people I met earlier, The chodes started trying to pick up girls I opened. I fell into my trap of going on looks and found a black girl with hips and tits. Which turned out to be really annoying, every time I escalated she would pull back and stop. Really I don’t accept that behaviour I gave them away and rolled on the hottest blode in the club very cute with a big bottom lip. I decided I was not into her that much I declined the invitation. while some other girls closed me, awesome.

Chode in Defeat: even after a whole night of awesomeness, with numerous pulls, dance-wiches, Kiss closes, number closes ect,ect….lording the club, They tried to tool me because I did not take the blonde home (haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa omg aaaaaaaa!) this was while they watched me pull her and dance up her storm whilst giving them the annoying girls. We later gave them a lift home too. I can feel the Awesomeness is unstoppable, Girls beware bring on the UK tour whoooo.

My tally of the night:
Got the girls
Free drinks
Found some money
Did a good deed
Met the gorgeous people of brighton.
Brought awesomeness to the party.
Had Fun in the face of some major chodes.
Winning all the Way. 

Awesome as way of life....F 
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Sounds like you had a gd night, im from worthing, in brighton quite alot. yatseys!! best bar ever, nerver have a bad time there. Im not quite at your stage yet of BOOM, BOOM, BOOM the hotseat should help :D

Good post.
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Awesome F

Awesome F

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 It just happened...the more i learn the less I do. I will check it out Pasha has been amazing for me. 
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