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For a long time I have had to inclination that night game state can be transferred into the office. In the form of beasting to true cave man style. Then I thought of guys who do this the in the work life, the Alan Sugars, Branson and Prince Charles. Owning their environment by default and expressing their Nimbus.
I have been beasting all week at the office as now my state is amazing. Things happen now, when I walk in I can feel the bright energy shift in the room. My internal state stays in happiness a total 180 from last week. I’m more me as I allow myself to be me.
My mind set is; ‘If I can be myself in this environment, it is the wrong environment for me.’
Then I take on the feedback and adjust. 
                                                                                        New Rules
1.Treat the office like a club. Meet security, office managers and services. Know the people to make the building work and keep the secrets. The physically gate keepers are allies.
2.Have fun, sing, dance, talk to people interact. Provide good value. Open …close.
3.Open with intent, Have a goal in mind.
4.Contact Close, Get the details and use them.
5.Take what you want without thought.

‘With it not being found in the Bible, the halo is both pagan and non-Christian in its origin. Many centuries before Christ, natives decorated their heads with a crown of feathers to represent their relationship with the sun god. The halo of feathers upon their heads symbolized the circle of light that distinguished the shining divinity or god in the sky. As a result, these people came to believe that adopting such a nimbus or halo transformed them into a kind of divine being.’
The Nimbus is a power of old used by those who know this.
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