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I feel Bad, Really bad I went out the whole night and nothing, I did not close. Out of what was a great day looking back I still felt upset. (Mainly cause I was reading Get laid or die trying the part where Jeffy waved away a 6) I though what would that feel like to be shunned as an unsuitable. Yes at the end of the night I approach the 2nd ugliest girl in a desperate attempt to build motivation and was simply waved away with a hand flick. Disgraceful behaviour. No, NO. No.

This is how my day panned out:

1. Woke up early Read a book
2. Hit the Gym ( a long goal)
3. Got to work early
4. Got my days work done before lunch
5. Gave an on the spot presentation to the whole department with senior management
6. Got praises for my speaking skills and humour. ( really been working on this)
7. Gave good grounded ideas
8. When out with a work people for drinks
9. Surrounded by girls all night
10. Met some new hot girls the from building danced all night
11. Got half naked in club and sweated my ass off ( something I have never done before)
12. Sung songs with strange girls full of tattoos
13. Lead the remaining girls around town bouncing venues
14. Got given free drinks, hugs and kisses ( I have worked on acceptance)
15. Text from a FB for sex at 3 am

And after all this I still was upset because I didn’t ‘Pick UP’ feeling I had ruined my night capped off by being waved away by a fatty. Lol better luck tonight.
I find myself waiting for the perfect circumstances which the more I think about it the whole idea is stupid. Ok so I have to meet my perfect girl right, then she has to be single, o and then she has to like me and then i have to be on my game. How fucking lame. Just go out have fun and whore.

That my new catchphrase.........have fun and whore,
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