Love Machine

Awesome F
I’m blasting out some Busta Rhymes and I get it, I have to return to what I was doing, I have been having too much fun. I been planning a UK tour to get my skills up when I realised I do not have a Pick up frame work plan. I have been going on the RSD natural way and letting the instincts take over.

This is good and all but I lack a solid action plan, I have spent some time getting reacquainted with the fundaments, I went back to the stars of old. Now I can mix the worlds of inner and outta game. The plan is to peacock my shit cause I love it. And go have fun. Open, Attraction, rappor, close. Simples
Manchester here I come baby!!!!!

Anybody want to Hang and pull chicks IM me
Friday27th – Manchester
Saturday 28th - Harrogate
Sunday 29th - Leeds
Monday 31th - Wakefield
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