Love Machine

Awesome F
Day 4, Int, My bedroom, Night

After a mind shocking film Prem about the kings speech I met for my day 2 with Halo. Named so because of her Vaginal piercings. This last time I saw my biker girl she was all in black. Black jeans black shirt, black jacket and black hair o and nails too. You can understand my shock as she turned up dressed to the nines all transformed. This shit was amazing: White heals with black lace, tight blue jeans, a figure hugging green top covering a shocking red bra wrapped in wide black scarf. Hair done the lot. I was blown because I forgot how hot I looked and how I have upgraded my look. I mean this girl was dressing up for me....ME,

We did the deed and had fun biker chicks rock and are the best at head action ever. Its 4 days in and I have full closed 3 girls and I’m tired. Today’s realisation has been this, I am an 10....I AM A 10. Not on paper in life and its time I start owning that. Girls should want to dress nice for me I am the prize, they should make the effort I do everyday and now it has become my standard I stopped recognising that I have created a magnetizing persona.
Its activity time once a again. The weekend is here. 3 night of sarging whooooo! Bon fire night.

Awesome F.
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