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What always struck me in Stargate SG1 was the suggestion of ascending. To evoke to a higher plane of being leaving the troubles of life. Most people see Sci fi on the surface with aliens, wormholes and action scenes a bit of escapism. I have always related this to the self improvement area of my being. That I always had a goal of conciseness. To be beyond all this reactivates or forcefulness, to just be comfortable in the world.

My head is constantly working it all out. Its going to that higher place. That real uncreative place. Like it really does not matter. Being over everything. It's tough to explain.

I was out shopping when I saw her, a curvy black girl, long hair ect, ect. Kind a cute but I did not want to talk to her, or pull her but I thought I should be able to because of this game stuff I felt Bad. Real AA. Later when I saw a girl I was attracted to I felt nothing but intent. I was empty of doubt, will this work, how will she feel, will I get rejected. Nothing. So I am working it out in my head recreating the connections.

For instance do We really want any girls when we go out or do we just enjoy chodeing with each other more that getting girls. I really eject to hang with my friends because it's more fun.

Like I said I'm in the calm place. Where I almost know what I want and Its calmness, non needy, A place where I am enough, without all the shit. To have a full cup. We know it’s the sub communication that is truly attractive. We need to get to a stage where we don't even want anything because what we have in enough. And they are extra. Get the glass full. Real men take girls for fun and nothing else. Enjoyment.

I know it not fully formed yet. The path is becoming clear.
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