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What have I leaned ?

Life altering laws of deeper states of existence. The true essence of desire and unlocking the minds power. The sheer amount of knowledge I have gathered, used and negated is immense. Although On the surface I seem to think I have not changed much. In a resent conversation a friend said ‘when most people go deep that is ok, you go a level beyond that’ To where the nuts and bolts of the mind revolve. The creating of God and Man.

I always knew this was more than getting girls, What I have found is that it is about becoming yourself. Which is what girls want YOU…...Authenticity they are drawn to it as it is so rare. To be a controlled centre man. Master of the universe.

I had no idea the power of sex in its true form, that want and desire has enabled me to surface new forms of will and to achieve things I could have never thought of. With Will alone you can change the world, your world your self. That those who I admire also knew of this power and used it as there will.

The Lies ?

Pick up is a cover and can be a dangerous path if you focus on just having sex. The true test is facing your demons with honesty and vigour, to face fear head on taking the scars that come with such an endeavour. To Lead

Delve deeper into your soul and embrace the whole of you, that is the path to awesomeness. To be self aware, self driven and in harmony with your core. That requires the understanding of self and the wants needs and desires of happiness Which is what your in it for lets face it.

The challenge

So I say, Get the money, Get the car, get the Girl, get the Kids, Get the Job. The advice is the same the meaning is different. Be yourself. Remove the mask and let you true self be heard. You can use routines or freestyle whatever has no bearing. You can’t stop being you.

To sum up and conclude

This is a start, you have faced demons, ask tough questions, stood up to fears, cried tears and gained knowledge. Along the way you have gained friends, make love to beautiful people, shared passions and live life beyond most. Next you have to apply that which you have learn, Take action, set goals and go fourth using to power you have become aware of and unleash the awesome unto the world. Once you have been set on the path its too late to turn back as the path behind is no more. You have killed the chode and a essence remains. No nice (uke) Guy.

You have my permission and blessing. Goodbye……...
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