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When I spit up from my girl friend I was totally lost is the new social world. My friends although they tried to help really did not understand the pain, frustration and social pressure involved in building new relationships. When I started I did not know anyone into being social and I did the normal thing of joining pick up forums, online dating sites and reading everything I get my hands on. I went out on my own and dragged myself through one painful learning experience after another. I always wanted a guide or even a friend in the same place to go out with and offer support. That is why I have created Wingmen using the force for good. We meet every Friday and hit the town. It’s easy when you know how.
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Wingman - Approach Anxiety Men’s Group mastermind
Taking Acton
This group is designed to help men gain control and master the fear of approach. Mastering the art of meeting new people and expanding their social network attracting the people you want into your life the group is a safe environment to share experiences and expand knowledge through theoretical discussion and practical application starting Friday the 27th January then weekly. Pack Horse Yard,
Briggate, Leeds
We meet upstairs Room in the Pack Horse Yard. Briggate Leeds city centre.
Find the group on Meet up: (Wingmen Leeds)

The advantage:
Share knowledge with like minded people
Offer value
Gain practical knowledge and experience
Wingmen and coaching
Mastermind Group
Direct Problem Solving
Tours to other cities
Public speaking
House Rules:
Be open and Honest
Give value and constructive critique
How it works
We meet on a Friday 7 -9pm at Pack horse upstairs. The evening starts with a conversational warm up and short session. This is followed by a mastermind circle and set targets for the following week and field time with wingmen.
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I was out last night and I learned a valuable thing, some girls are fragile. In this I mean needing care and protection. What I thought was a strong, fierce girl and confident revealed she to be scared and tired. Through not trying to impress her or pick her up i got the real girl. She played all the men night and got mixed up in some emotional drama a guy she kissed who could not handle the cock block (HE does not know about RSD – Win the peer group). I waited for the cook blocker to deal with guy who was left in the bar and we all left to get food and taxi, No effort really. Back in the day I was that guy wrapped up in the moment with no plan, trying to persuade the girl with logic.
To be continued
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My first year in Pick up and What Have I learned? The Laws of social interaction
This is my account of my 1st year the application if the tools and techniques I acquired here on the RSD. I am fond of Brain Tracy who represent his ideas in laws which I like and have emulated his style here in brief.

1. The law of emersion – surrounding myself with positive people who encourage me and get it.
2. The law of social momentum – Going out, being and building on the interactions. I created relationships with bar staff and security which really helped to make the venue home.
3. The law of physical escalation – showing intent and touching is key
4. The law of isolation – unless you want a 3some you must in a situation where the two of are alone and away from peer groups.
5. The law of location – I found out the more I went out it was locations that I ran out of. You have to have plan of where you are going
6. The law of extraction - having a sex location set up, have options. Plan backwards from the extraction point.
7. The law of eye contract – Words are not needed and you can pick up with just strong eye contact. I have never pulled with it.
8. The law of courage – it takes courage not confidence to succeed
9. The law of experience – the more you interact the more reference points you gain.
10. The law of failure – the more the fail the faster you learn.

11. The law of freedom – being free from the outcome and grounded in the interaction. Free from the worry of the planned outcome allowing it to progress naturally.
12. The law of sexual honesty – be true to your sexual core
13. The Law of self correction –Most problems self correct with exposure to the issue
14. The law of RSD nation – There is no problem I had that someone else did not have before.
15. The law of Cop and blow – Allowing the natural process of girl rotation to occur.
16. The law of one itis - I had a few one’s, no girl is more special than any other, and if you treat her so she will leave.
17. The law of Ice – be removed from her emotional shit storms, be a rock that keeps her grounded.
18. The Law of lift - when you lift a girl it is good
19. The Law of jealousy – creating competition between 2 girls increasing attraction.
20. The Law of leadership – in any relationship I must lead, make the choices and guide the interaction. She is a passenger on my ship of life. Free to come and go. On my own path.

21. The Law of solo – I learned my best lesions by being out solo in the field
22. The law of instant wingman – The best way to build momentum from being solo is the find the party and take change making them your wingman
23. The law of group dynamics – There is always someone who will lose if you take the girl away without dealing with the obstacle.
24. The law of the Cock Blocker – He or she will take great pleasure in stopping you to protect your target from unsuitable men. Make them your friends as you want them to stop other men as you work.
25. The law of the Party – be the party and attract the energy
26. The law of the take away – Give value and take away for effect.
27. The law of qualification – Allowing her to tell you why you pick her to up and doing the work is a must, if she does not know why she want to sleep with you she won’t.
28. The law of the name drop – Using her name and remembering names will stop you from getting burnt.
29. The Law of balance – The only way to get quick success is obsession and emersion in the techniques and mindset of pick up while failing fast. However I found doing 7 girls in 7 days too much to handle and taking up too much time.

30. The law of the target – I found I came to a point where I did not know what I wanted and switching targets. I wrote down all the thing is wanted in the perfect partner. Must have then I through where would she go and hang out and what type of qualities she would admire in a man. Problem solved, I found girls like that and made them my friends and wings.
31. The law of comfort zone – I had a fear of tall women so I challenged myself to talk to every tall girl I saw. Totally out of my comfort zone, the game is the same.

I learned much from this forum and the videos but in the end it came down to getting ‘stage time’. Get out and finding my sticking points then researching how others corrected it and repeating the process. These are some of the Laws I learnt from my first year here and not in any great detail either. I am looking forward to year 2 and Tyler’s move to self help as I have kind of moved from Pick up as the centre of why I come to RSD. That side of me is somewhat handled still room for improvement.
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What I have learned is that there is a new place. Deeper, stronger and more fulfilled. I love Pick up like Michelangelo loves being a turtle. Can this be let go? I really want to go into teaching this stuff. It pains me to think there are men who cannot do this stuff or are afraid to be themselves while some douches swans in and takes all the women. Admittedly this has been me in the past on both sides. I am now happier at a base level than ever before. The connection of information has been crazy and the level of learning has blown my mind.

I have learnt thing I did not know existed, whole fields of study I never knew about and I really thought I knew it all and what I did not know was not worthy of knowing. Totally a messed up kid and I thank every second of it. Its been a great learning lesion so far. I feel like a Jedi Knight, like I have been exposed to the force, to the mind and the power contained] there in. Now I feel shock that I let Women get so outta control. That I really spent so much time on it.

Funny on the other side it looks strange, Getting numbers ect…….Just tell her to give it to you durrr.

To the next strange I think I am on 4.0
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A funny thing happened to me a girl I am seeing told me I am her Rock, the ONE. I figured this is when an incredible thing happens to a her. She has 2 types of men she is attracted to. Obviously we know the survival and reproduction value matrix concept which leads me to the following simple break down. The ONE is equal to a combination of the man she wants and the man she needs. Her biology needs a certain type of man for genetics and physical protection also she needs emotion and mental protection. She finds the one when both are met by the same guy and she can have the safety to be herself. She sees that in me.

All I have done is make some predicable assessments of her character and being great at this once you understand the mechanical process of pick up the rest is simply allowing her to be herself and that is the greatest gift you can give. Doing that in a quickest time is where the artistry comes in, controlling the experience and allowing her to be a spectator able to participate at will be ultimately not in charge as your are the ring master of Love.

Giving her the knowledge I am a superior male allowing her to be a women her real self, she can play with me and test my resolve knowing I will not fall or fail her. A true man she can rely on whether she needs to or not. Then one in her eyes is perfect for her. Knows how to handle her and allow her happiness. Easy when you know how.
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Time to admit it…………….I am in officially in debt crisis. And I am smiling because I know I can solve this situation. Pick up has taught me that every problem is solvable and there are millions going through or have gone through the same things. Every problem is a great achievement waiting to happen. Come on you, let’s have some. All part of the Process. Next up Dating coach

Even in the worst of situations there is always someone worst hit who has got past this and won. Either do or do not, No Try - yoda said that.
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How to kill a chode.......?
Change the focus from what I don’t like to what want. For instance you are bad with women to I want to be better with women.
Do courage and step up to be in the game as spectators stay on the sidelines while play makers work to make it happen? Chode’s Take this means you must do the opposite and give. To be continued
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Friends not your friends

A wise man said to me when I told him about a night out. ‘Your friends will not suck your dick, so why let them stop you from getting laid. Seems like my kind of Logic.

Act one: The story begins with a normal invitation for a party on a normal Saturday night. This was my friends baby shower an evening filled with girls and me. Although I did get some stick from the odd chode for spending my Saturday night with a bunch of girls, drinking and having. I could not figured out why being the only guy a baby shower is a bad thing. Other than the usual guy remarks to be followed by but your a slut.
My goal of becoming the sex worthy man has been achieved as during a long tale of some of my resent conquest the prize you’re the office came out’. If you would have told me a year ago in all my AFC glory I would be the office with the tools to pick my target I would laughed my ass off.

As day turned to night and the party begun to fill I found myself at the centre of a moral conversation. Focused on my current choice of girlfriend and somehow becoming the invisible man. I don’t know my shield got a rammed as I was constantly under fire over my choice to get back with the Ex. It’s such a shame that would never understand the change that pick Up is. How I could never be mad at her for outing my chode ways. I thank her for showing me how much of a douche I used to. How much a I became. She should a PU medal for making me face my feelings and MAN the fuck UP. So yeah I know woman and social situation I understand deep inner game, how the mid works. Influence and power. Yes I can go out and get laid when I want. I understand emotional energy.

After flirting with 3 girls in the party and getting attracting from my target full confidence it was a matter of choosing to engage, like lion deciding to chill with a lioness rather than mount her. I can feel a pull to the dark side of the force.

To be continued……..
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Are we all here because our lives are in crisis? The National Health Service says ‘A midlife crisis can happen when men think they've reached life’s halfway stage. Anxieties over what they’ve accomplished so far, either in their job or personal life, can cause a period of depression. In men, this usually happens between the ages of 35 and 50 and can last for up to 10 years.’
That is Ten years of being depressed, de•pres•sion - Psychiatry . is a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason(women in this case). That is Ten years and is the direct opposite of being de-pressed to be expressed well really the direct opposite is Manic which doing loads of approaches sometimes makes me feel. This Video summed it up for me the 2 personalities of me and the cause of the depression from living someone else’s life.

Obviously the majority of people in PU are under 40, this could because it’s a rite of passage issues about imbalance due to a biological need to gain the skill of successful reproduction. This is a result of the society’s popularization of that rare special one who makes you happy forever. Made famous by romance novels and Movies designed to gain Profit and exploit the feelings of the target audience which is not human nature of your entire life, only a snap shot. Couple with the man’s inexperience with women of the world both in general and intimately which would obviously lead to the creation of the Chode. A depressed average male unhappy with his sexual choices and a direct correlation to his masculine strength and self worth.

I think That this is a Life Crisis – the realization you are a Chode. The upside is exciting that the changes to be made take you on a path of retaliation to gain self power and sexual mastery. This can only come from practice. This practice involves women and sex, sounds like a sweet deal until you realize you have to die to be reborn. That you must remove the old habits and create new in a sense create a new you. Not being you got you here and being you will lead you to change.

So I have a record I have posted in my blog
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