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Friday night, went out to scout(it rhymes) and had a cool time. Said what's up to the door guy, and I need to work on giving the girl that works the register a little attention. So yeah note to self. Anyway I told myself the first person or group of people I see...I got to say what up to them. I did so, to some dude and his off a vibe like I knew them or something. I kept it up so-so as time progessed. But that shit really works, social momentum.After a while I started going around starting conversations with people, mostly guys. Then me and friend spotted a group of six girls. I kept looking over at them to indicate that I have them in my sights...they're my targets. After a while we both strode up to them, my friend took the lead and started introducing them to me, and then I got bold and sat down in between them all. They all got rather upset by this and my friend was getting scared and was telling me to get up. I told him, relax...I'm just keeping the seat warm. One girl from the group was all bitching at me and I started busting on her. What's wrong with you? You're in a social you have approach anxiety or something? Are you anti-social? WOW!!! Eventually I got up and small talked a couple of other girls, no hook though. After getting dissed hard by the 6-set that made my state go up 10-fold. I was having a great time, but the next time I go there which will be tomorrow I want to work on make outs. I want to perform at least one make-out and a possible number close. So I'll use the same strategy I used Friday night, talk to everyone to warm myself up and build that great chrismatic social momentum, and then go beast mode grope chicks, and go from one to the next. We'll see we'll see. And come Monday I want to start talking to this hot chick in my class before the semster's over. This will be the last week of school and then there's finals. SO yeah Monday, I got to do it or I'll be kicking myself for a while if I don't. She's really hot with tattoos and shit. If anyone has suggestions..PLEASE PLEAAAASE share them. Peace.
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Hey dude first off asking a girl if she has approach anXiety, and saying phrases like social gathering horrible girls will not understand retarded pick-up speak so cut that shit out.

Don't waste your time talking to groups of chodes to build momentum talk to groups of girls instead. Opening a Seated 6set is not an easy task but not impossible by any means but chances are at least one of them will think your a cock and the rest will ping off her.

Look for 2 to 4 sets open the chick that you like hard by pulling her in or just talking in a dominant tone. ( your words can be friendly but the way you say it doesnt need to be)when the freinds wonder over to see whats going on introduce yourself.

Props for going out good luck
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