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I've been more talkative for the past couple of weeks at my job. And it was no different today. Greeting my co-workers and the customers. Then I see a few that I want to compliment. All I managed to do with those customers is just do like what I've done with the other customers, I just said hello, and how are you doing? I at least got that. But then there was this milf, I saw her at one side of the store and then I saw here again, and asked her how she was. She said great. And without really thinking about it, I told her, well you look great. BAM! DONE! It was really bold so no BOLD! yet.

Tomorrow...I consider tomorrow as a BIG day for me, the put up or shut up day! Friday friday. Partyin' partyin' yeah! Sorry about that it's stupid i know. Rebecca black...ugly ass little girl. Anyway, I usually have on my mp3 player. it puts me in my comfort zone, a  zone where it makes me not want to approach...but I love my music and I want to listen to my music when I'm at school so here's the deal. I'm not going to have the volume up loud like I usually do. I'll do half the volume, like 16 versus 32 and also I'll have one headphone off so I can hear myself talk and hear the girl's respone. I talked about what i'm going to do tomorrow in my last blog, so check it out. Also, I need to keep the being unapologetic mindframe at the front my mind. Cause I'm not sorry for what I like and what I would like to do with these chicks, so there's no need to act like I'm sorry. Pointless and stupid. Another mindfuck of society and religion. Can't be a victim any longer. I gotta severe the chains they have on my mind and do what I want to do. When I think of doing what I want to do, I imagine walking around the school, bumping into all the girls I've given compliments to and them chatting with me for a bit. Having big and strong social network at school. Becoming that guy you see at school with all the hot chicks going over and talking to him because they like him because he thinks they're hot...and not in a weak needy way. One day, and one day very soon. The time is now. So be unapologetic and remember , "Do what you want, say what you feel, those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter."

And also, it's club time. My goal is to get at least one make out and and at least one number close.
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Nice work dude!  Loving your dedication.

Now PM or LonghorntheGill! for that !
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