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Sage Beast Mode: Unapologetic, freedom from outcome, and full intent. I got those down pretty well. However, I need to focus on more things, once I get the hook with a chick, I need to lead. Make a place in club where i can sit down and come back to if I don't feel like standing anymore...also the place I temporarily make my own will be where I can take chicks back to and get a deeper connection going, more of a one on one deal. So with that said for now, my main focus will be leading once I get a hook on a chick. Other than that, it's full sage beast mode throughout the night. Instant make-outs and physical escalation.

I just tgought of something just now, something i'll try out. If I'm out on the dancefloor and I spot a chick I like. I'll go dance on her, if she turns around to look, then I'll hug her and say something along the lines of us being friends and how she was late getting to the club.

But anyway next lead more, don't think just do. And leap before you some extent.
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