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Man, so here I am, sitting in the computer lab, sitting next to this hot chick and I'm choding out. Damn hope she doesn't read this blog that I am know what oh well. Damn my choding is getting the best of me right now. I'm so like paralyzed and it feels as though there is almost nothing I can do about it.. There's two sets right next to me. One to my left and one to my right!! Arrrrgh, this is frustating. How dare society posion my mind so extremely. I cannot remain a victim of social conditioning. I got to plow through this somehow! I feel as though I should be an ace by now, but I'm not. Will I ever get there, to that level I dream of?! This is the crap I have to endure before I get good. The crap is my old pre-conceived notions. They come up in the heat of the moment and fuck me up. I allow them to though. Am I not the captain of my own fate? Or are these pre-conceived notions going to rule my life forever. I have to decide now, sudden death or taking a risk and going into the darkness, uncharted areas...the unknown! The route I've been going has gotten me nowehere with women, yet when I want to attempt a new direction I get uncomfortable. Man I want to sign up for improv classes real soon, but money is shitty and gas is high. The classes are all the way up in houston. Perhaps I could manage one day out of the week with school being out. I really need to knock this out and get on with my life. I want to work both on my day game and night game. At school, I'm going to start going to three spots. And in those spots I am going to start talking to one girl. Go in bullshitting around. First place, library. When I'm there I'll go to the computers and to the study area. Once I'm done there, the second place is going to be computer lab. There I'll be scouting out the place like a hawk(Subtlely of course) and once I see a chick I think is hot, I'm opening her with, "Hi you're so cute that I had to come over and meet you, my name's Shawn." BAM BAM BAM there, done!! If I see another one...DO IT AGAIN. Onto the third place, outside in the courtyard. It's a high traffic area and lots and LOTS of hot chicks walk by there. I could take a seat, tell a chicks, "Hey your cute" "Hey youre pretty" "Wow youre gorgeous." Anything really. I got to get more social. End of story. I failed to talk to these chicks right here. They are having a serious convo about life and shit. Not getting involved with that. Well, until next time. Goood or baaad...I'll keep you posted.
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