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Yeah so, the redhead was a no show for the final exam. HAHAHAHAHAHAA! That sucks!!!!!!!!!! Oh well.

Man I thought she was going to be late or something, but I finished my test and she didn't even show up. And I had a plan to pass her a note if she was coming in late, telling her to meet me in the courtyard. Oh well, sometimes even the best plan doesn't going according to PLAN right? No biggy, it does hurt a little to tell the truth. But you know what? Oh well, I'll just have to celebrate that my finals are over at Scout Bar on friday, and talk up some other hotties there. When school is over, I'm going to be doing some major changes over the summer. I'm devoting(maybe I didn't spell that right) more time to approaching women and killing my approach anxiety once in for all. Hanging out with my friends, looking at other jobs on the market, learning new things and concepts, further detaching myself from social conditioning and things that are conventional. I want to read some more about some lady philosopher named Lou Andreas-Salomé. Yeah but anyway, that's it, no field report today. Who knows, maybe I'll run into her somewhere or better yet maybe I'll run into another hot chick. keeping my options open. All eggs in one basket is a no-go! Until next time.
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 Never have crushes my man, it makes you attached to the outcome. Lived like this for nearly 2 decades w/ no success.

General Rule:

If you are thinking about her she is not thinking about you

If you are not thinking about her she is thinking of you. 

I got this from Tyler when he said Man = Action, Woman = Reaction. 

Good Luck man, not that you need it. Push it to the limit. 
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