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I went out last night.

My mentality was: Sage Beast Mode

Meaning if there a girl within my proximity I go in for an instant make out.

Scale of one to ten on how deep into beast mode I was in: four
And maybe that's because this is my first time just trying to go for something like that. But even though I felt this wasn't my best, I still felt somewhat good about what I did and best of all unapologetic. I won't if I keep going into to this sage beast mode I'll be more unapologetic and more confident. I needed some training wheels though, I needed a great push. I didn't want to drink that much since I drove so I bought a shot called, "The Four Horsemen"...I downed it, and I felt the primal rage awaken. I was dancing up on chicks and stuff. Then when i was on my way to take a piss, some hot chick stopped me and started tugging on my dreadlocks, my immediate reaction was a full fledge make-out!!! It went on for a little bit, but then she backed off and ran away. I was cheesing the whole night after that.

But you see, it's not enough!! I must do things like this more. No more practicing, no more video watching!! Jump straight into the action with full intent and freedom from outcome. Go sage beast mode, go for the an instant make out and keep it up!! It's time to start acting how I look!!
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