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So here i am at the library...the first SPOT! The first area! And what have I done so far man?!! Absolutely nothing. I hyped myself all up, yet it's this fear of approach that killing me. There is people all around me that will hear what I say if I approach a hot chick, and of course there's approaching the hot chick itself...nerve wrecking. I read the newsletter for today and I came to realize that all that shit on there is waaay too advanced for me. I don't even have approach anxiety down and gone so I really don't need to worry about that other stuff just yet. I need to do these approaches to get over my approach anxiety not to appear like a smooth operator to this chicks. That can come later. I'll update later, regardless of what action I take. Inaction or action. this is going to be one long journey...and I think I am making a good bit harder than what it already is. Here i go. And remember, even if you are around people that might hear you gaming some chick, it doesn't matter. be unapologetic. And have the I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks ofr me mentality.

So following up from what I posted earlier, I consider today unsuccessful. Why? Because not only did I start the day off doing absolutely nothing at school, I ended the day at school doing absolutely nothing. I went to the first spot like I planned and as I said in the first paragraph and I did nothing there. Saw some cute chicks, I couldn't make a move. All I could do was look at them from the safety of where I was from a distance. My approach anxiety got the best of me. I realized I wasn't going to do anything there so I moved on.

Second spot, same thing. I offered a girl sitting next to me in the computer lab some of my candy not knowing what else to say to her. She refused and I went on scoping out a couple of hot chicks coming through. I didn't budge. My fear of the approach got the upper hand on me. I started feeling a little down because this was the put up or shut up day. And so far, I had been shutting the fuck up the whole god damn day. I got up, read some "Get Laid or Die Trying" and got a couple of laughs in. Then I decided to go to spot 3.

The courtyard didn't have too many hot chicks, but still there were some. And guess what? No really guess. I didn't approach a single one, NOT ONE chick man. I got some major approach anxiety...and it's like I can't shake it no matter what. I just sat in the courtyard and did nothing, just like what I did in the other two spots earlier. I didn't even say anything to the hot redhead in class today. Sometimes I think I am a lost cause and this is one of those times. I let society mindfuck me. I let the social conditioning indoctrinate me. It's fucked up, it's like I realize that I've been played all my life by society and yet it feels as though I can't do a damn thing about it. Make up for the fuck up. I'm feeling pretty down right now. I thought I could do this. I thought today would be my day. I've failed myself. I'm done here. Peace.
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Hey man!  AA sucks!!! here's a tip that's working for me:  Approach girls like your approaching your best friend.  Do you walk up to your best friend like all shaking and nervous and like not able to look him in the eye? of course not! He's your best friend for a reason.  So just imagine your rolling up to your friend who you've known for years like since grade school.  Boom! just say hi or whatever today i rolled up to a cute little asian chick and asked her "would you be my friend?"  no nervous shaking or hesitation on my part and what do you think she said?  " ok." now it turned out she had a "boyfriend" but we still chatted for 20 minutes and i got more social momentum going in my favor. plus i also brought up other relationship issues with this i asked her about a girl i had kissed who hadnt called me back.  CHICKS love to give advice on relationships and she was more than willing to divulge her sexual history with me and she told me her honest opinion on my i guess what im saying is just relax for a sec...look at the girl you want and calibrate...SHES YOUR BEST FRIEND.  Now Go...
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Hmm...that really doesn't sound bad. Not bat all. I already got things mixing in my mind now. I'll keep this frame at the front of game and see how it goes. Much appreciated man!
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