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So I'm here in my room contemplating my next move for advancing in this game to reach my Awaker status.  It's been one too many times that I've been going around and seeing hot chicks and NOT approaching them. Like in the library for example. I see hot chicks just breeze through the door and then their gone, and then another and another. While i'm on the computers there making eye contact with them but too lazy and comfortable to approach. Not anymore! I'm got to make a stand right here and right now. I'm going to start giving my friends compliments. Authentic compliments, if i see something like about them...I'll tell them that. Should be easy since it's my friends and family. I'll instantly work my way to strangers and give them compliments. Tomorrow I got work, so I'll start my shit there. Greet all my co-workers with energy and even the ones that I don't care too much for. Give them compliments if I spot something I like. Give customers compliments if I see something I like on them. BAM! DONE!

Come Friday at school, it's really time to put up or shut the fuck up!
1st area: library...methods I'll use, method 1! if a girl is standing I'll walk over and say, "Hi you were so cute that I had to come over here and say hi(when I get more comfortable I'll say meet instead of hi), my name's Shawn"...hold out my hand to shake, and shake hands.( or after a couple of sets or if I'm just feeling bold right off the back, when they go for the handshake, I'll pull them in close with my right hand I'll use my other hand to go for a one arm hug, and then tell them they smell nice. BAM! BOLD! DONE!
Method 2: If I see a cute girl sitting down studying/mp3 player on, I'll go and do the "tap tap" on the shoulders and open with my original youre cute opener. After getting comfortable with this way of approaching, I'll tell the girl to stand up. "Hey, stand up for me real quick." Stand up. "Now close your eyes." Hug her. BAM! BOLD! DONE!
Method 3: If I see a two set or one set...doesn't matter, I'll just sit down at the table they're sitting at and just stare at them. Small smile of course. And then I'll break the tension with my original youre cute opener. Leave at that or use the bold move of Method 2 and tell them to stand up and hug them. BAM! BOLD! DONE! Method 3 itself is bold, so I probably won't do it until I feel comfortable or if i am in state.

2nd area: Computer lab
Here I'll have to be a bit more bold, Method 2 will have to be utilized. "tap tap" and open with the original your cute opener. End at that or be bold and pull up a chair and chat with her for a bit.
Method 4: Now, if I'm sitting down and i see a hot chick walking by I can't think of anything else to say but, "HEY" to get her attention. I have to be loud and be full of intent.(I'll be self-conscious about the other people listening and watching and even disturbing them because of my loudness..but who ares...they aint going to bring me a cute chick to talk to. I have to do it myself, and this is the way I can do it so fuck em) Open her with the original youre cute opener. Leave at that or be bold stand up, and hug her and tell her to sit down next to me. BAM! BOLD! DONE!

3rd area: Courtyard
I'll basically be using method 4 the whole time out there and the bold parts. If I see a girl sitting alone out there I'll jst go sit by them in and open them with the cute girl opener. Even add on, it's such a nice day, "it's a great day to be out here talking to a gorgeous girl like you".

Additional places, student parking lot:
Walk with a girl to the campus if she's cute. I really don't know what i'd say to open here. Maybe, "Hey let's walk together." With intent and loudness. I'll think of something, maybe if I just go out and try it I'll come up with something. Planning like this makes me think though. When it comes to my friends i don't plan out what i say to them, stuff just comes out like no effort. But this is new to me, so this what I have to do for the beginning.

Things that'll FUCK ME UP:
Logicistics and worrying about what others would say/distrubing them from their work
First of logicistics ain't helping you with shit. it's keeping you from getting the success you want. Logicistics says it's weird to walk up to women and talk to them. Logistics says you can't talk to girls who are on the phone, jamming mp3 players, talking to their friends. Fuck logicistics! Logicistics ain't getting you laid, and it is certainly not getting you any chick friends. So what to do, go with emotion.  Motion is emotion. Do what you want, say what you feel. Those who don't mind matter, and those who mind don't matter. So don't worry about what others think of you if you approach/open a girl. they don't matter. Get that through your head, THEY DON'T MATTER.

So with all that said, if you see something you want you go for it. DON'T be apologetic about your intentions and about what you want to say and do. Now make it all happen. Come Friday, it's GO time. And, this isn't a one time thing! Well, keep doing this. This is the new Shawn. This will become my second nature. Fuck socitey and it's fucked social condtioning. Fuck religion as well. I won't be a vicitm of any of that shit anymore.

Side note: Use your mp3 player as a prop, let girls listen to your trance, and tell them your passionate about it. Music production and djing. Hint hint to myself, use that for the redhead in class!!
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