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Yeah so plans got totally flipped this weekend, starting off from Friday. I was supposed to do my put up or shut up day. Well...I didn't do it because i had somethings I didn't understand in my music class so I went to my professor and was bent on getting down because me and my partners had to play piano in class that day. And I was nowhere near ready. So I'm panicing over that shit. Class is over with and I finally make it home after a couple of errands. A friend of mine that I haven't hung out with in a good year, hits me up and wants to chill out. He doesn't like going out, so instead of kicking it at a bar, or scout bar in particular we just chilled at my place. I got beer and I got some pot and we smoked that. Shit was fucking strong, and it made everything feel good, and my heartbeat was feeling good. So yeah, that was that.

Saturday, wake up late because me and my friend are totally baked, not half-baked. I go into work, being more social. So nothing in particular today. Dropped my friend off at a rave, and I decided to go home so I could knock out some homework. Besides, I didn't have any cash on me because of the way the do our checks at the job now.

Sunday, which is today I knock more work. Get to work, same old sam old. More talkitive and I see a milf. Long striaght brown hair, nice face, teeth, and BOOBS!! She could find a basket, so being nice I went outside and gave her one. She thanked me and walked off. And then I think to myself, I want to tell her I think she's pretty. But, I'm nervous!!! I tell myself if I see her again I'll tell what I think of her. So at one point I'm heading back to my section of the store and on my way there I see HER! I'm like to myself, there she is...go and do what it! I immediately step in her vicinity and say, "You know...I think you're very pretty." It's like she was waiting for me to come over there because she said she needed help with something, but she immediately said thank you after she asked for my help. That made my compliment seem kind of weird. However, she was very nice though. So yeah, that was that. I saw another after i finished my interaction with her and I wanted to tell her something. But that lady was too close by, so I let her go. So I really need to work on not caring if a chick I talked to earlier sees me talking to another one. So yeah, come's put up or shut up day. I postponed it to tomorrow because of all the shit last week. So yeah, girl after girl after girl. By the end of the month, I want to knock out a 1000 approaches, small and big. Rejection and pulls. I'll write another blog about that some other time though. Peace.
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