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This past week I've been trying to do things to work my game and just being plain social. It's already been a week since bootcamp, and I feel as though I haven't been excelling in my progress with women. I seem stagnant now. Coming back to school last week, I decided to wrk on my eye contact with people, and it's getting better. It may not be where I want it to be right now however I'd say my eye conact with women has increased significantly. I just need to keep a small smile working on my face as to not totally creep a girl out. So yeah eye contact is making major progress, I can actually look at a hot chick, and not care if she sees me(to some extent but like I said it'll get better with progress). I've been working on having a positive attitude about things...that's been going pretty good. So now I'm at a point to where I need to take a leap of faith in myself. I need to start doing approaches, but I'm still scared. I don't have Nathan to give me that push to go through with an approach. I'm all alone, I'm dying here. As much as it's killing me I'm not going to stop though. I'm going to keep going out every friday and saturday. And on mondays or tuesdays, and maybe some other days if something is going down. I live over in houston, tx so I got a pretty good selection of venues to go to. So yeah, I'm going to keep it up, i hate this feeling of powerlessness, however I'll end up overcoming it if I keep going out and putting forth effort to actually do approaches. Then one day I will finally AWAKEN.
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