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I've been sitting around here getting fat by eating these junk food snacks and studying for my finals. I got one tomorrow and I got 2 on Wednesday. Wednesday is going to be my last day in my philosophy class...meaning my last day to see that redhead hottie I've been talking about in my previous blogs and comments. I can't believe time went by so fast, and then it is going to force me to do my biggest fear so far...approach. Semster after semster I've sat back in my classes and watched hot chick after hot chick walk out of my proximity for good when the final day of class came. Time after time I'd kick myself and tell myself that I wouldn't let something like that happen again...however when the time came for me to take action I did nothing. But Wednesday, I'm going to change all of that. I rewrite my self-limiting belief and erase it permanently. I'll make another blog regardless of what I do Wednesday.  Either one will be another blog of failure or one will be a FR of success...which is me doing the approach. I've been doing muscle memory exercises to prepare. We'll see we'll see.
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