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So yeah, just got done taking my philosophy test and I talked to the redhead cute. I had good eye contact and her eyes were like so pretty, it's like a weird blue, and silver-like. I asked her if she was ready to send the test to the moon, she just smiled and said no. i was like why? She said oh, I haven't taken that many notes and I haven't been coming to class that much(which is true yes i noticed!) I asked her why hasn't she been coming to class? She's sleep. i was yep, I got that problem too. it sucks. Then I told her to let me see her notes...politely of course. I didn't ask, and then i said you take better notes than me you'll do fine this stuff is easy. She seemed kind of nervous I noticed...nervous that I turned around and talked to her. Well, yeah I can this much I at least talked to her. In the past if I had class with a really cute girl i would've never talked to her, and on the last day of school I'd just be kicking myself for not approaching them. but I got it now I think! I'm going to try to a few more approaches between my next class now. Saying hi and telling girls I think they're cute and what not! So yeah, on the agenda for next time I see the redhead I'll tell her she's cut, get her name, and see if she wants to start studying. two heads are better than one, and twelve heads are better than six. So here I go, I'll be emerging soon. Emerging soon to become The Awaker. it's in my blood. It's part of my destiny. I'll master this no matter what it takes and no matter how hard times get. I'm not going to let the government keep me from getting this shit dealt with. Fuck Obama and the guys behind the scenes, fuck em! Peace!
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