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My first class, there's this cute redhead that sits behind me with nice brown eyes and tattoos. One day I actually gathered the courage to ask her about what the professor talked about because I was late to class. After that, I haven't done anything SINCE! But anyway, yesterday on my way to school...I started hyping myself up on how I was going to talk to her and try to get a possible interaction studying at the library and what not. So yeah, I get to class a little late(gotta work on that!) and the professor says there's a test on Wednesday...which is tomorrow! I was like cool, I can use that as an excuse to talk to her and ask her about studying...cake! Or so I thought, I told myself that I'd chat her up right when class is over, maaaaaaaan at the time the professor said that class was dismissed I pretty much high tailed it to the door and left, kicking my own ass and cursing myself for not turning around and doing something! I just got overwhelmed and said peace. Oyyyy, I'm not giving up though. School ends in May, either way I'll post whatever happens by the end of the semster...if I talked to her or not. And I also want to talk to other cute girls I see around campus, but the pressure feels like it's too much. oh well, I'm doing it, I'll fight myself tooth and nail but I'm doing it!!!!
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