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I need somebody, anybody to take the journey with me. If you live around houston or galveston in texas then drop me a line. None of my friends want to do what I do, so I end up going out alone and its hard going out alone.
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The Awaker
Sage Beast Mode: Unapologetic, freedom from outcome, and full intent. I got those down pretty well. However, I need to focus on more things, once I get the hook with a chick, I need to lead. Make a place in club where i can sit down and come back to if I don't feel like standing anymore...also the place I temporarily make my own will be where I can take chicks back to and get a deeper connection going, more of a one on one deal. So with that said for now, my main focus will be leading once I get a hook on a chick. Other than that, it's full sage beast mode throughout the night. Instant make-outs and physical escalation.

I just tgought of something just now, something i'll try out. If I'm out on the dancefloor and I spot a chick I like. I'll go dance on her, if she turns around to look, then I'll hug her and say something along the lines of us being friends and how she was late getting to the club.

But anyway next lead more, don't think just do. And leap before you some extent.
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The Awaker
Hahaha I'm just glad I actually went up tried to do it. I attempted a make out with this blonde chick. She was talking to me and I was just staring in her eyes. And then I went for the kiss and it was REJECTED!!! Hahaha, it's cool though. Then I talked to 4 other girls, and hooked one of them. And she was a hot black haired rocker girl with a lip ring like mine except hers was to the side and my is in the center. She was smoking, she was an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I used a lot of kino with her, pulled her into me, small kisses on her face and lips, putting my face close to hers, feeling up on her, etc. I could have closed with a number but I was thinking, which is good I guess because I don't need to be thinking.

So yeah, there's a rave next Friday in Houston, I'll be heading up there and going full sage beast mode on the chicks. Mentality: make-out and ask questions later. Seriously it's been a long time since I had my dick sucked. Sorry that's the beast talking.

I don't think I'll go anywhere today, I'm just going to go to the gym after work and do some ab workouts before I go in. Sounds like a plan, can't have a beer gut, got to be fit and able to drink at the same time. So good morning morning jogs!! And good evening ladies, this is bedroom. Haha, I'm nuts. Peace out friends.

OH! And another thing! When I hooked the HB8, I noticed something!! All these hot chicks were giving me attention. One after another. That shit was fucking awesome. Never experienced that before.
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The Awaker
I went out last night.

My mentality was: Sage Beast Mode

Meaning if there a girl within my proximity I go in for an instant make out.

Scale of one to ten on how deep into beast mode I was in: four
And maybe that's because this is my first time just trying to go for something like that. But even though I felt this wasn't my best, I still felt somewhat good about what I did and best of all unapologetic. I won't if I keep going into to this sage beast mode I'll be more unapologetic and more confident. I needed some training wheels though, I needed a great push. I didn't want to drink that much since I drove so I bought a shot called, "The Four Horsemen"...I downed it, and I felt the primal rage awaken. I was dancing up on chicks and stuff. Then when i was on my way to take a piss, some hot chick stopped me and started tugging on my dreadlocks, my immediate reaction was a full fledge make-out!!! It went on for a little bit, but then she backed off and ran away. I was cheesing the whole night after that.

But you see, it's not enough!! I must do things like this more. No more practicing, no more video watching!! Jump straight into the action with full intent and freedom from outcome. Go sage beast mode, go for the an instant make out and keep it up!! It's time to start acting how I look!!
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The Awaker
Yeah so, the redhead was a no show for the final exam. HAHAHAHAHAHAA! That sucks!!!!!!!!!! Oh well.

Man I thought she was going to be late or something, but I finished my test and she didn't even show up. And I had a plan to pass her a note if she was coming in late, telling her to meet me in the courtyard. Oh well, sometimes even the best plan doesn't going according to PLAN right? No biggy, it does hurt a little to tell the truth. But you know what? Oh well, I'll just have to celebrate that my finals are over at Scout Bar on friday, and talk up some other hotties there. When school is over, I'm going to be doing some major changes over the summer. I'm devoting(maybe I didn't spell that right) more time to approaching women and killing my approach anxiety once in for all. Hanging out with my friends, looking at other jobs on the market, learning new things and concepts, further detaching myself from social conditioning and things that are conventional. I want to read some more about some lady philosopher named Lou Andreas-Salomé. Yeah but anyway, that's it, no field report today. Who knows, maybe I'll run into her somewhere or better yet maybe I'll run into another hot chick. keeping my options open. All eggs in one basket is a no-go! Until next time.
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The Awaker
Right now I'm in state. I feel good and I'm genuinely happy. I'm may not express it outside but on the inside I'm prancing around like I'm krissy king or something of the like. ANyway today, I took my final exam for a computer class I'm taking...and I made a 100 on the test!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I was like fuck yeah! Then I turned in some homework I did but never did turn in. Got a good grade on those. After all that I head to my truck and get ready to leave. Now this would have been an awesome field report right here, but I start backing out of the parking space and then all of a sudden a hottie comes walking by to get to her car, my immediate response was damn, she had on a skirt and was like an 8 on the scale of 1 to 10. The result was I didn't approach her. I felt too out of wack, I wasn't ready, but had I seen her from a distance, with the way I am feeling I would jumped on that! So yeah, note to self, you must be ready to game a chick at all times, even in PLACES and TIMES where and when you least expect it. SO I make this pledge to remember this day, 5/10/2011!! I discovered how to get to state!


So it all starts with this, "you" of course and what youre doing with yourself. So I got a perfect score on my test and got all my assignments turned in...I felt like I accomplished something great. I felt on top of the world. I felt like I could approach any chick and talk to her. Question is how did I get this feeling of power? It was because when I passed my test with flying colors I interpreted it as an achievement. I felt I did something really good, and as a result I simply went into state. How many times have you gone out and did something really good and as a result you felt empowered by what you did? Probably everytime, or maybe you've done good things so much that the good feeling comes out without you realizing it and you just auto-pilot a powerful state. Well, the fact remains do something good and you'll feel good. What you interpret as good and as an achievement is totally up to you as an individual. Even though I hate my job, I feel that if I go out of my way to do a damn good job and try to help and talk to as many customers as possible I'll get into a powerful state which being "in state". And over time, I will be genuinely in a powerful state, attracting women like flies on shit or moths to fire or what the fuck ever. Short in simple, go out and do something good, accomplish a goal, give value, etc...and you'll feel good. I'm going to start doing this and see how far it takes me.

And look out tomorrow, I'll be busting out with a field report.
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The Awaker
I've been sitting around here getting fat by eating these junk food snacks and studying for my finals. I got one tomorrow and I got 2 on Wednesday. Wednesday is going to be my last day in my philosophy class...meaning my last day to see that redhead hottie I've been talking about in my previous blogs and comments. I can't believe time went by so fast, and then it is going to force me to do my biggest fear so far...approach. Semster after semster I've sat back in my classes and watched hot chick after hot chick walk out of my proximity for good when the final day of class came. Time after time I'd kick myself and tell myself that I wouldn't let something like that happen again...however when the time came for me to take action I did nothing. But Wednesday, I'm going to change all of that. I rewrite my self-limiting belief and erase it permanently. I'll make another blog regardless of what I do Wednesday.  Either one will be another blog of failure or one will be a FR of success...which is me doing the approach. I've been doing muscle memory exercises to prepare. We'll see we'll see.
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The Awaker
Friday night, went out to scout(it rhymes) and had a cool time. Said what's up to the door guy, and I need to work on giving the girl that works the register a little attention. So yeah note to self. Anyway I told myself the first person or group of people I see...I got to say what up to them. I did so, to some dude and his off a vibe like I knew them or something. I kept it up so-so as time progessed. But that shit really works, social momentum.After a while I started going around starting conversations with people, mostly guys. Then me and friend spotted a group of six girls. I kept looking over at them to indicate that I have them in my sights...they're my targets. After a while we both strode up to them, my friend took the lead and started introducing them to me, and then I got bold and sat down in between them all. They all got rather upset by this and my friend was getting scared and was telling me to get up. I told him, relax...I'm just keeping the seat warm. One girl from the group was all bitching at me and I started busting on her. What's wrong with you? You're in a social you have approach anxiety or something? Are you anti-social? WOW!!! Eventually I got up and small talked a couple of other girls, no hook though. After getting dissed hard by the 6-set that made my state go up 10-fold. I was having a great time, but the next time I go there which will be tomorrow I want to work on make outs. I want to perform at least one make-out and a possible number close. So I'll use the same strategy I used Friday night, talk to everyone to warm myself up and build that great chrismatic social momentum, and then go beast mode grope chicks, and go from one to the next. We'll see we'll see. And come Monday I want to start talking to this hot chick in my class before the semster's over. This will be the last week of school and then there's finals. SO yeah Monday, I got to do it or I'll be kicking myself for a while if I don't. She's really hot with tattoos and shit. If anyone has suggestions..PLEASE PLEAAAASE share them. Peace.
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The Awaker
Let's start back from Friday. I went out that night to scout bar. A cool band was playing, I said what's up to the door guy and walked inside. I went to go grab my first beer, and then I noticed this mexican chick with her friends. She was eying me and I went over to her. She held out her hand as though she wanted me to shake it, I went for it but then pulled back and laughed at the surprise look on her face. She went for it again and before I could pull back she did and we both laugh and I gave her a light hug. She asked me who I was. I said I am the moon. (I didn't know what else to say...I didn't want to say my name) I don't remember what I said or did after that but man o man, I kicked myself later because I wanted to attempt a make out with her but as usual I was in my head too much. I saw her again later that night, it was like she was waiting for me, but my dumbass didn't capitalize on it. It's like sometimes you can have something right there in your face and won't capitalize on it. Or in another case which brings me to last night, Sunday night...I went out to scout bar because it was free to get in AND I wanted to redeem myself from Friday...which I didn't. But onto the case of last night, sometimes you can have so much potential in front of you and then you'll choose to not capitalize on it because you're scared. Dude if anyone is reading this, sunday night at scout bar is the shit! The ratio is pretty damn good. Lots of hot chicks. And if you have the balls to approach them you'll have a great time. I didn't approach not one girl. I bought myself a pitcher of beer. Sat at a table and started nursing it. A girl approached me and asked if she could sit in my vicinity...I told her it's cool. She was an 8. I tried talking to her but she mentioned she had a boyfriend here with her...I guess indicating to me to back off. Her body language wasn't really that receptive either. There was a big gap between us and I wanted to see if she'd close the gap. We just kept talking far away from each other. I suppose instead of waiting for her to move closer to me I should've showed a little bit more interest by moving in on her, and used I couldn't hear you as an excuse. On the dance floor there was so much potential out there and I didn't do a damn thing as usual. Man really...what the hell is wrong with me? This is going to be a very long and enduring process for me. Change really doesn't come easy. I am so introverted and my approach anxiety is enjoying its reign over me and my mind. Next month man, I gotta save up money and see about doing an improv class. I think that maybe my only hope for a quicker more rapid change in my socialness(if that's a word). At my job, I did tell a customer I thought she was a knock out. But I need to be able to say that to more than one chick I find attractive. Shit really sucks right now. And I know I am making it that much harder to accomplish because of my pre-conceived notions. As I said before I don't know how I am going to do this but I will.
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The Awaker
So after work, me and a co-worker went to a local bar to have some beers along with a long time friend. Good times, we talk about different shit and then me, and how I am trying to become this ultimate pick-up artist. Changing up my lifestyle as far as nearly everything goes, going out every week, being more social, being unapologetic for my desires in women, etc. It's a slow process but the benefits are very rewarding....or so I hear and I believe that. But anyway, we up there chilling and there's hot chicks really and if they are, they are with some dude. So one of my friends Jared goes and starts macking on the waitress. He getting in good with her, but I notice his body language is kind of needy like. He's leaning in too much. I mean I am far from being where I want to be at with women, so I'm no expert...however I just noticed this when I saw their interaction. Then she starts gaming me, saying I look like her ex. I was like girl please, I'm not your ex and I'm much cooler than him. She shows me a pic of him and I say wow, what'd you ever see in him?! She makes up so stuff. She is talking to me from a distance and goes on to say that I am scared of her. I laugh and pull out on of Jeffy's old lines. "Girl do you know who the fuck I am?! I'm Shawn and I ain't scared of shit" so then I tell her, authoritively, come sit over here(motioning next to me) and she does it. On the inside I'm laughing because I kind of couldn't believe I did that. When she sat down, I asked her if she was scared. She said no, and then I say look me in the eye. So we have a stare down, and she can't hold it. She gets up and I say I win. As the night goes on I notice all the other guys gaming her and I laugh. She works there, and unless they got solid game...they don't stand a chance. She's there to make guys come out to the bar...dressed up with a mini skirt and black tights and all. So I look over at them and just smile. And then they go outside. I think eventually I may want something with one of the chicks working there, BUT since I plan on being a regular like every Monday or Tuesday, I can take my sweet old time, gaming them. Building massive comfort by telling stories and building rapport. And of course building attraction by touching them and breaking rapport. Big Ben will be my second home. I need to start shooting the shit with other people there too. Build that solid social proof so when I get a date with a chick, i'll suggest there and everybody will be coming up like hey Shawn, Shawn is the shit, and stuff like that. It all starts with me though. And it all starts with me getting over the approach anxiety. The fear of the approach must DIE. FOREVER!
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