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Right now I feel like there's some impassable brick wall in the way of my development so I thought I'd start blogging and ask for some guidance.

To this point I've spent most of my time working on my inner game and not so much worrying about outer game, just letting what happens happen. I've made enormous strides in personal development and want to tackle the next step.  All in all I'm great with girls I know and meet through friends, but I really struggle stepping outside my comfort zone and just going up to and talking to new girls.  

Other than just sacking up is there anything that helps with getting over approach anxiety.  I just get way too in my head even when I do talk to new girls.

My biggest goal right now is to take the way I am around people I know already and translate it to girls I've never met before. In essence just be myself at all costs.

I don't understand the fear but it's there and something I've got to deal with.  I know I have the ability but I just can't get myself to break the threshold.

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