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This is my first blog post, and I write these words for me, and perhaps someone else may find them useful. Peace

Going beyond intellect.

To know something, in our minds that it is right and true, to understand it to the point of belief is good. However to go beyond that understanding is what is needed to really “make it”. We need to actually be what we understand. Not just believe it.

I’m sure we all intellectually understand this concept.

We may know, and believe with all our hearts that the sum of our bank accounts does not define who we are. We may also know that what we have or have not achieved in our lives does not mean we are one thing or the other. 
We know in our minds that what makes us who we really are is something deeper, almost inexplicable.

Is understanding this concept enough for you? It’s an okay place to be.
But what is the process that takes us from mentally understanding something to actually being it?
We want to be the 100% congruent man that is fully comfortable with whom we are.
Yet some elements of uncertainty about what others think of us remain.

Our happiness is still conditional to how we and others see ourselves in the world, regardless of this intellectual truth that we believe.
The only way to become what want to be it to first become absolutely nothing.

Picture yourself naked looking in the mirror. Look closely. Is this who you are?
Now imagine you have nothing, no money, no family or friends, nor means to eat and a place to sleep. You are naked looking at your refection in a city shop window.

Just take that in for a moment… that would be a low point to say the least.

Lets push this image a bit further! Some fucker the night before maimed you, perhaps you lost some fingers, or had your face slashed and your teeth stomped in.
Imagine that is you… its a grim prospect.

Look at the refection…Now try and feel what that would be like. To be utterly unattractive in every conservable way, to be at the lowest possible place we would dare to imagine.

So right now in this intellectual concept we are destroying everything that we currently are. Would there be something still that has not been taken from you though? Something special...? Something indefinable that is the very essence of you.

To be the man of permanent state, even that situation would not harm our inner peace. Indeed we would not like it, but that scenario with all its awfulness, does not define who we are inside! That naked fucked person can still choose to be awesome! And there is nothing any of us can do to stop him. Inside there are no cages or chains that can confine that man of awesomeness, He just transcends his reality. He is beyond it.

Is that you, or are you putting to much credence in your martial reality. It could be your looks, your job, your friends, your home. None of that stuff is really you; you are something much more special than what you can see in a mirror, or what others perceive you to be.

What absolutely makes you special is there is not one person on this earth or who has ever lived that has your understanding and unique knowledge and perspective. You are a one of a kind.

Don’t settle with just accepting your lot in life, with who and what you are. Start to see that actually you won the lottery being born you. Start to realize that actually you would not really want to be anyone else but you. This is not some delusional self brain washing technique to make you feel good and deny that life is shit, think about this.

If Mr Spock popped in and said, I can do a mind meld between you and Brad Pit, but you would have no memory whatsoever of your former life. All that you know would be lost.. all that is you.. Would you let him put that Vulcan hand on you? 

Perhaps in your life right now you are utterly unhappy and nothing would keep you from Mr Spocks offer! If that is so, then you are in the place of the maimed naked man in the mirror, and that is the test of the truest man!
Are you a girl or man? Be the man, and you will see that you have inside you resourcefulness that is beyond written comprehension.

Strip back everything that is you; get naked in the deepest possible way. Find who you are under all those years of people imposing what they think of you... Find your true self and you will have gone beyond intellect and in to permanent state!
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