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It's done. I survived. And I've learnt a HUGE amount of stuff this weekend. But this is just the start; I've got to keep this momentum going now. It'll be difficult, and I'm looking forward to it. The results I've got in the last two 3 days have eclipsed all that I've learnt in the last year...

Anyway, where do I go from here? I've got my clubbing commitment down... Friday and Saturday every weekend, with a bar during the week as a bonus. My target? Bang a turbo girl... that means at least 8 turbo approaches in the first month, until I get one home to the palace. I know I can do this.

My ex is laying in bed next to me right now, as I'm writing this. Before, I'd be pandering and giving her attention; that kinda shit. Right now though, I don't give a fuck. I might kick her out in a bit - she's being a brat. Ha, anyway, tomorrow I'm gonna type up the PROPER SUPER IN-DEPTH UBER REPORT OF AMAZING. Tonight is chill time.
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