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It's been a BUSY week (highlights include turning ex into fuckbuddy and finding out obsessive ONS is into girls too) , so doing this in my spare time. Ok! Proper report time. Proper as in, verbal diahrroea (fuck off spell check).

Day 1:

Turned up about 45 mins earlier, typically. Hung around the hotel area, then popped into wetherspoons for a pint.
After that, met the other students in the hotel - Mo and Zol. Both dudes were early thirties - I'm 25 myself. But we were all here to

And then Ozzie turns up, brings us over to a more comfortable table and begins. First off we introduce ourselves, and tell Oz what we want from
this weekend. MYself? I was there because I want hotter chicks, simple as that. However, we were told an important point - Ozzie is not a
relationship coach. He's there to help us pick up girls. Also, the rules. No bullshit. No "I'm tired", no walking around, no "I can't do it".

Anyway, more talk, and then two points.

Freedom from outcome - basically not trying to get a result or reaction from any interaction. Living in the moment. I used to think I had this
handled, but I'd soon realise that I knew nothing.

Non-approval seeking - don't try to impress people. that's a victim mentality.

And then we went to talk loudly outside the train station.

We had to talk about ourselves - what we enjoyed doing, our hobbies, shit like that. At a distance. Oz asked us our comfort levels regularly,
scale of 1-10. I was 5 at first, somewhat uncomfortable. Anyway, at one point I had these tall studenty dudes trying to give me shit; I didn't
give a fuck, I started a convo with them (still loud even though they were right in front of me) and laughed them off. That felt good.

Then INSIDE the station. Same thing; I actually thought it was more comfortable inside, but anyway.

Following that... ESCALATORS! This was what I hated. REALLY hated. Oz checked our comfort levels again; I was the lowest so I got the stupidest
opener - "Hey guys, how do I get to <the station we we're in>?" And then we had to instantly change topic. Since I was bloody hungry, I switched
to food. Anyway, the purpose of the exercise was to eliminate outcome dependance; we we're just chatting to randoms on an escalator, who cares
what they think of us?!
After about 5 random's, I'd settled into at a comfort level - 8. This was going to be where I stayed for the majority of the weekend.

Next up, taxi to the clubs. In the taxi, Ozzie taught us about different learning styles. I was definitely a dabbler. This meant I would show a
lot of enthusiasm and commit to something very briefly, and then leave it when things got tough.

We went to a bar, first of all. It was one of those clubby-type bar chains that are spread all over london. Oz wanted us in our absolute worst
body language. Magnificent choderificness. Also, we had to let any negative thought and self-talk come to us in our heads. Then, we had to walk
around the place for 5 minutes like this. Ouch. I tried as hard as I could; I had the body language nailed down, but I just couldn't do any of
the negative thinking! The exercises we'd done earlier had left me in a state of pure calmness - there wasn't any thoughts going round in my
head, just stillness in the moment. After 5 minutes of that, 5 minutes of our absolute best state body language. This felt good. REALLY good.
Then it was opening time. I found this a bit easier than I expected, no blow outs at all. The thing is, we had to keep it friendly. I found this
kinda frustrating, since I do get almost straight off the bat. I did realise, however, that being in control is a good thing.

Got chatting to a blonde, she was there with her friend who was on the prowl for men. I had her pretty much hooked, despite the fact that she
'had a boyfriend'; sitting next to each other at the bar with some leg touching between us. Sadly, Oz took us out for a venue change. I say
sadly, but I wasn't really sad at all; I was eager for MORE!

Next venue was some little dive bar; it really was utterly dead in there so Oz pulled us out after 5 mins.

And then we went to the main event. Ozzie told us this place was HARD. Once we could pick up in here, we could pick up anywhere. That would have normally made my balls shrivel up with fear, but not tonight. Tonight I was READY. So, first off we head inside (minus a small incident where I thought I'd lost my passport, oops...) and head up to the main room. Once again, the shitty state and glorious state exercise, 5 mins each. Once we started on the opening, we were pretty much on our own. I had a couple of blowouts, then a stale set, then a HOTTIE. She was my best learning experience that night. I opened her next to the dancefloor, she was with 2 chode guys. I pretty much just went in, said hi and dragged her off to dance. Got physical pretty quickly; clawing pretty much constantly. I pretended to be offended by something and said I was sad, and got a kiss on the cheek. I saw oz next to us - he kept pushing my clawing in further and harder, ha! Still, I didn't go any further, because I wasn't used to getting girls this quickly. Anyway, this carried on for the rest of the night (dancing, chatting, being physical), before Oz came over and we had to go. Got her number ("we should continue this conversation") and a quick makeout. Good times.

Post night rundown in Mcdonalds - I learnt a very important lesson - MAKE HER SAY NO! I could have had the hottie if I'd pushed my luck as far as it could go. So she says no, SO WHAT! This was a lesson I'd put into practice the next night...
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It's done. I survived. And I've learnt a HUGE amount of stuff this weekend. But this is just the start; I've got to keep this momentum going now. It'll be difficult, and I'm looking forward to it. The results I've got in the last two 3 days have eclipsed all that I've learnt in the last year...

Anyway, where do I go from here? I've got my clubbing commitment down... Friday and Saturday every weekend, with a bar during the week as a bonus. My target? Bang a turbo girl... that means at least 8 turbo approaches in the first month, until I get one home to the palace. I know I can do this.

My ex is laying in bed next to me right now, as I'm writing this. Before, I'd be pandering and giving her attention; that kinda shit. Right now though, I don't give a fuck. I might kick her out in a bit - she's being a brat. Ha, anyway, tomorrow I'm gonna type up the PROPER SUPER IN-DEPTH UBER REPORT OF AMAZING. Tonight is chill time.
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My body feels like shit and I need sleep. After everything I've done today, I just feel... cool. Distilled coolness. Sleeps now though, body is begging for mercy. Proper report can deal with everything done today, I'm not in any position to forget any of this.
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I have no words for how I'm feeling right now. I don't think there are any that could possibly describe it.

I learned stuff tonight. Lots of stuff. Stuff that has been right in front of me the whole time, and Ozzie has opened my eyes to it. I'm going to do a detailed report after bootcamp is over - this is just so I can get these thoughts and feelings down before it all gets clinical and smells of logic.

Interesting thing happened after tonight was finished; I'd kiss&number closed a fun scientist girl(cuter than I'm normally comfortable with, and I didn't give a shit), and on the way home I realised I hadn't saved her number! Oh noes! Really brought my mood down. For like 5 minutes. After that... well, I thought so what? With what I got through tonight, I'm free to do this stuff ANYWHERE at ANY TIME.

And then I found her number. Ha. Saved it as a note, duh.

I'm going to stop now, 'cause we're starting early tomorrow and I know it's going to be so much tougher than tonight was. Bring it on.
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Well, here's where it all starts... Tonight I'm taking a London bootcamp with Ozzie, and I'm terrified. Even better than that, I'M REALLY EXCITED! I'm not going to spend too long on this initial post, 'cause I have to get ready, ha. Shower, shit and a shave (maybe a bit of makeup, do my nails, perm my hair ;))

This week has been pretty hectic, women-wise. Had my psycho-ex (with magnificent tits) call up in tears asking if she could stay at mine last night. Thing is, last night I had a date with some online chick I've been chatting to... And to put the icing on the cake, I (stupidly) gave my number to a one night stander I had last week, and she's going crazy clingy on me.

All in the last week. After a 4 month drought. It's true guys, women are like buses. You wait ages for one, then 3 come along at once.

ANYWAY, for the next three days, none of them exist. I'm clearing my head of everything; this weekend is for destroying myself and being rebuilt anew, and NOTHING is going to get in my way.
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