Field Reports

sometimes i dont even want to do work because i can feel myself getting back in my head. but i shouldn't. it's something that i can get anytime in the future. No stress
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Just read Alexander's article on "Natural game is fake" which is all about developing natural instincts.

Everything in the article made perfect sense to me, aligned with my recent thoughts and experiences. Get into state, and get ref exp. No tactics matter. Just do me, and go IN, knowing that it's ON.


Going good so far, getting out my head, and in the moment. Let's keep it going!!!

-The One
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This is a compilation of most of my Field Reports.

HBChinese. she seems interested still. made plans to chill. the attraction is there, give her more comfort. show vulnerablility, and be caring and understanding like ferrie is to joanne. make it clear to her that i really like her and im willing to put up with her ups and downs. when i talk to her, look at her in the eyes intensely like john does and speak with conviction, as if nothing else existed other than us... in our little bubble. it's the emotions im conveyng that are important.

practice this on girls all the time. only if i mean it. let my emotions come out. time to cut the cocky attraction stuff, and be REAL with her. i want her in my life, so show that i do, and do as a man would to a woman. text her just to say what's up. text the other girls on my cell as well. get EXPERIENCE. what a concept! Don't look for IOIs, just be a man and PLOW.

With HBFarleigh, i guess i was being emotionally distant, but i never liked her anyway, even though she was really into me whenever we met. i guess my aloof attitude and lack of care for her showed. *shrugs* i'm going to keep in touch just because. i used her as practice for phoning and skyping. i need to talk about the things IM interested in, and tease her. calibrate with caring/comfort/cute stuff ala ferrie.

With HBVietnamese, I didn't get it. I wanted her validation when she pulled away, and put her on the pedestal in my mind. i was happy when i got her back, but i never liked her much. it was just validation. i let her have control over my emotions. i built her up in my mind. only to realize that it was all an illusion. she tested me to get me to invest. i used to wait for her to hit me up, and i'd feel so happy when she did, but then down when she didn't. I can't CARE about this. get rid of this validation shit. she gave me LMR too, which i should have just plowed instead of going logical.

I have to make it clear what i want them for. I should have told HBViet that i didn't want a relationship but that i liked being with her. I should have told HBFarleigh that i was only in it for the physical. 

HBJap. I used to put her on the pedestal until i met other girls and then i stopped caring. She was still there, and still liked me. I never showed enough interest when I actually DID like her. I had her over once, and i didnt go for the lay. if i liked her i'd make sexual jokes and touch her. i approached it all wrong. i should have just went for the kiss and then took it from there.

HBChinese. I met up with her at the bar and took her back to my place and just talked a lot when she clearly wanted to kiss. I should have kissed her on the lips a lot sooner, and told her to sleep over. Whenever Chacko brings a girl over, he brings her to the room and escalates. if she's on the bed, fluff with the sexual stare, then go for it. if she rejects, then go for it again. i had two other oppotunities to go for the lay.

"you're bad boy." "I know i'm the worse. :)"

This thursday, take her over to my place. get her on the bed. kiss her and get the clothing off. keep going for it, THAT'S WHAT SHE WANTS. arouse her till she can't refuse. remember it's not serious. DO ALL THE WORK. just smile and do it. be a man. IF she refuses, just say "but i love you" and keep it going. Be dominant, pin her down, get the rubbing going. she LIKES the dominance.

always be leading.

what i gotten from all my experiences with women -- the hookups, foreplay, BJs -- the lesson is to LEAD. Be the masculine energy pushing the feminine. just go for it, i'm not ashamed for my desires as a MAN. girls want sex even more than we do.

carry the sexual dominance i exert in the bedroom to daily life.

We are going to bar thursday. Meet there, buy her a few drinks. Sit next to her, put arm over her. Keep going up to her just to talk like John Ferrarra, i dont need a reason. i'm assertive, she's passive. like she's my little sister. kiss her. tell her i have really good dumplings, green tea, cool new tv, back at my place.

try going for emotional connection with her. drop the attract stuff. just LEAD and get to know her.

things i learned from Chacko -- have the LOOK and SLY SMILE. make it clear ur cooler than her by teasing and not taking her shit in a playful way. talk to her and get sexual, dancing, touching like BIG BRO.
he never takes anything the girl says too seriously, jsut brushes it off. he knows when to get emotional, talks to his girlfriend, talks about what goes on in his life. always Breaking Rapport tonality. he qualifies her. he's cocky, confident, very touchy and playful. AMOGs guys playfully.

even with fuck buddies he had, he would take them out to meals and treat them well, until they wanted a relationship. i shouldn't be so against paying for girls as long as i like them.

he's close to his friends, and dismisses other guys as losers. he always has stories to tell.

His humor is similar to mine - smartass. don't think about this stuff too much, just be a ME - cool, suave, positive, cocky playful, witty, a MAN, a PLAYER - and let behavior flow from there.
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Regardless of what mood i'm in.

I will be pushing myself into conversation with anyone, at least 5 a day. Constantly stay social. Even the best need to get from Yuck to WOOOOOO state. Get into phone convos, talk to a stanger, small talk with the intention of just fucking with them. Only in that state can the game be accurately played. When I take things lightly and im out of my head.

Because it's when I'm in Woo that im able to see things clearly and get ref exp. I need.

Use the energy that people call anxiety as motivation. Feel the rush when you transcend social constraints and ASSERT YOUR REALITY.

That's what causes attraction. Fuck the haters.
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i'm supposed to be studying for my korean oral exam that's tommrow right now but i just feel, confused, angsty, and find it hard to concentrate. because ive been going out a lot, my views on who i am and what i should tolerate from others are changing. im getting closer to my real self and being a man. i dont tolerate people snapping at me, which just happened... it got me really emotional but i just let it go. the better way is to put my foot down. if i let this slide, i'll set a precedent in my mind that i'll let anything slide. that's not who i am.

especially when it coems to family, because these are people i'll be seeing again....

i keep thinking about things that dont matter, ive gotta just focus completely on what im doing and stop doubting myself. study and rehearse this oral. OWN THIS SHIT like i do at every other area of my life. OWN IT. Because I'm D One and that's just what i do.
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spent time with my brother, who i haven't been able to see a lot recently. i used to revere him ina way because he's been with some beautiful girls. he's just himself, he's not rich or famous. he has a sense of humor, he's an engaging speaker, and he's clearly a strong guy. he went out with a celebrity a while back, which isn't a big deal, but this guy is so down-to-earth and real. he has his flaws, i don't want to ass kiss, but who doesn't?

i got lifted yesterday and a couple days ago and i realized that i spend a lot of time watching people and trying to figure out what they're thinking. i can't possible understand what's really going on or enjoy the interaction while im in this mindset. i'm in my head, thinking, while someone's trying to talk to me.

i have to be in the here and now, out of my head -- every moment. because there's no reason to be in my head. i like myself, i understand that i have value to offer others, and i have confidence in my reality. WHY would i have to retreat in my head? it makes NO logical sense.

i don't have to impress anyone. i used to think that i had to reach another level, but really, the more i go out and get exp, the more i recognize old bullshit beliefs that don't serve me, the more i peel away at the layers til i get to the core of who I am.....

......i'm going to be an open book and honest with everyone as much as a i can. when i feel that i have nothing to hide, and i'm already the person i want to be, then i can truly feel liberated and trust in myself.

As soon as exams are over, i'm going to spend the winter break doing PICKUP every single day. Work my job and keep my apartment. It's going to be WORK in the day, and PICKUP at night. For one month straight. No time for bullshit.


- D One
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just read stephvhen's amazing article on being a true alpha male.

to key to getting good at game is to be self-forgetting and to move things forward. lead lead lead.

i recent epiphany i had was that game isn't something you do, it should just be you focusing on your own reality and having girls as a side benefit. you're just being yourself, you see a girl you like, get to know her, and take things from there.

i'm at the point where i don't care, at any moment in time, what anyone thinks about me. the world is my playground. when i came to this realization, i started to get success
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i went clubbing wed and sat thanksgiving weekend. on wed i went up and danced with almost every girl. i jsut went in, even tho my identity tried to hold me back. if i think im a player, i just go for it. but i should go in w/o thinking. just go in.

i talked to this girl and got her number. im going to just talk to all the girls in the club next time, bc im there to work on my verbals anyway.

my boy j was hyper and dancing the whole time. when i went to the rave on sat i felt lifted and happy and postive and went up and hugged girls, they were into it and gladly gave me their numbers. it's all above spreading the good emotions that are in me. what's more important than any tech is the mentality behind everything.

i love myself in an almost narcissistic way. i love myself so im always happy n positive. when i act this way, people are attracted because im fun. it's a beautiful loop.

i'm going to keep going out and talking to people. love yourself. i'm the shit and i spread good vibes.
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i need to focus more on studying, eating healthy and game. i'm going to build a business and game helps me so much in learning emotional intelligence and social intelligence, skills vital for hapiness and success in business. the way to get there is constant practice. the thing i want to get great at is emotional mastery. i want to be a moving communicator, speaker. that way, i can be an effective business leader and be in control of my relationship realities. i'm reading emotional intelligence by collman right now as a well as way of the superior man, which gives me insight on a way to live as a man in this feminized society.

i feel like i have to go out a lot more to get those positive ref experiences i need. i can handle most social situations, but i want to be at ease when in convo. i need to be in set all day. dominating the frame. i'm a king. i'm the one. i'm a celebrity. leave people better than you found them. focus on building relationships that will last.

don't analyze. just do do do, and it will make sense.
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i'm posting in streams of consciousness.

it feels like the past few days i've really been experiencing new realities and what it feels like to leave my introverted world behind. i had all these limiting beliefs and frames in the past that hold me back now. all these frames are arbitrary and don't serve me. why take a frame that won't be useful to me? fuck that.

it feels like when i push myself to the real things i want to do i have all these emotions, rationalizations that emerge. fuuuck that. that's not me. i'm not my mind. my WILL can overcome all of it. it's up to me. i live and project my reality and create my own reality. this is what makes sense to me.

as a winner, as a successful person, i only have time to find out what is useful to ME in any experience and move on from there. i don't have time to dwell on stupid shit or people who try to annoy me. the reality in front of me, as a i approach it everyday, is about learning from everyone i come across and giving value to them through the virtue of my presence. i dont need to impress anyone, thought i know that i can bring value to anyone i approach and that i'm not replaceable.

i was born to shine so that's what i'm going to do. i will hold my frame because i realize my worth and i know who i am.

-the one
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