Field Reports

I just got into a fight with my mom. The emotions are just so toxic and I hate it when I argue with her, but I do it because I feel like the pain-body and I just give into it. I'm listening to Eckhart Tolle on "Being Present in Relationships."

People are just so unconscious, living in their angry, depressive patterns. I'm not discluded from this. But I become more accepting and conscious everyday. I meditate on it and work on my development. I don't let the negativity take me over. People are like blurbs of energy, some positive, some negative. That's just how the world is, and I adapt to it the best I can.

I get closer to my family, which is mainly my mom and brother, and am grateful for what I have. But there is negativity that I have to deal with. I guess the way to deal with it is just to laugh at it. Don't give in to it and get down on their level. Don't let the negativity and toxicity and pain swallow me whole. I believe that postive energy is real. Joy and Awakening is real.

So I always have the choice. I let nothing take me away from the Now... Nothing can take away the inner Joy that I have. I'm already complete. It's just the outer world of form that I can get wrapped up in sometimes. When I see the pain body in others, just smile at it, and hope for the best for them. That's all I can do.

I want to lift my family up, I want to improve myself so I can bring others into the NOW, to the inner Joy that they may have lost. I was always the non-believer growing up, but Ecky Tolle's spiritual teachings in the Power of Now intuitivly makes sense to me. It's real. I feel it and understand it on a different level. Stopping the movement of thought... Thought can give people so much pain. Acceptance.

I practice, not study but PRACTICE this wisdom daily so that I can be a headspace that allows me to see things clearly and not give into pettiness. I live in a cheerful, happy, optimistic reality all the time. I just want to stay grounded in it, no matter what. Stay centered, not let pettiness throw me off. Just laugh, smile at pettiness.

This is what's real. Not the media... or any Egoic manisfestation. The Now is real, consciousness is real, energy is real. The world of form is what western culture is based on, so we have a society of seekers. What we need is already within us (food, shelter is nice too). With my life situation, I have it easy. Abundance of food, friends, love... I have nothing to complain about.

Right now, I'm reaching out to my family and close friends more... focsuing my health more... personal growth... Making myself into a more effective, stronger, happier person. I feel like God is moving me sometimes, by God I mean the One Consciousness. I feel like we're all One Consciousness, so nobody ever dies.. even though we might lose our current forms. Life as we know it is just a ride, so don't take it too seriously.

I need to do more meditation, kung fu, learn from people wiser than me, so I can GET IT better, so I can be blessed to teach this someday. Get to the Truth.
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I just got a new fuck buddy last night.
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I'm styaing in the habit of writing just to record my progress. Progress happens when you measure your results. I need people to ping ideas off of. There's people smarter and more experienced than me everywhere, I need to seek these people so as to shorten my learning curve. Online isn't enough. I need to meet people I know are the real deal and learn from them. Mentorship is invaluable. Being mentored would have saved me a lot of hardship in my past. In EVERYTHING I do, I need to FOCUS on it, have a MENTOR(s), and enjoy the process. Who I become along the way is far more enjoyable and rewarding than attaining the actual goal itself.

As for the GAME. I'm 23 years old, with a decent job. My priority should be to attain six figure income and get a house. Stay healthy and happy all the time. But meanwhile, i want to get girls. Specifically, I want to get emotionally intelligent model girls with something going for them besides their looks. I see some cute girls at the clubs I go to, but I haven't been dating any.

My sticking point is just not setting up DATES with the girls I want to be hooking up with. I know which girls are physically attracted to, I just need to set up dates with them and do the damn thing. 

I'm going to close all the girls I have on my phone/facebook and see what sticking points may arise.
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I've been on Fuji's training program for the second month now. I'm writing this to record my thought process at the time, there are many details that I forget, so this will appear to be a mad rambling. Ever since I got my job and started less internet usage, my world has changed. I'm in set almost all day, this constant social interaction makes me realize things about myself that I just couldn't come known if I stayed home all day. I've had success in clubs. I went to Eden in Ktown two weeks ago, got two makeouts and went back with one girl to her place, she's my girlfriend now. We went on a date over the weekend -- felt like the most relaxing day in my life. My mind would wander, but then i'd come back.. because I had this cute little thing on my shoulder. It's a great feeling.

I'm go glad I got into the whole "dating" thing. The whole "getting girls" thing. IT's changed me as a person for the better. I'm more social, I'm into self-improvement health, I'm nicer to people, I appreciate my life more, women motivate me to be my best self. Sure it has its pitfalls like anything else, but im so glad i got into this.

I need glasses now I can barely see the screen I type this. I will use internet once a week if I can. I have Debuton coming up next week, and I need to go out more, I'm supposed to be going out 3 times a week. Deko Lounge is a good place I can go around my town. I still have work, they are cutting hours, I need to apply places in the city and move in with my girl, I can still go out a lot, and I don't need a car. Talking with Psych on Thursday. 
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Been following Paleo Diet after reading The Paleo Diet, The Primal Blueprint and Fantastic Voyage. Started taking multivitamins and fish oil and getting 10 hours of sleep.

I eat lean meats like fish (cod) a lot. Plenty of veggies and fruits (blueberries, strawberries, oranges), lots of filtered water. Going low on the carbs (rice and bread) as much as I can thought it's hard since i'm asian. Ive completely cut out all sugar. Trying to eat out less as well thought it's hard -- i'm going to eventually cook all my food, right now i'm going to cook for my family.

Went out to sarge in the mall last night and did 3 sets. Last one went great girl was totally into me. WIN. I went to bar later with wing to chill. I came home feeling great and calm. Woke up today feeling a sense of calmness I haven't felt in a while. Like my mind was quiet.

I think it must be my new diet along with my new ways of thinking plus just going out. Will continue diet and report back results.
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 When I started this journey, I took a leap of faith. In many ways, I was not as bad as I thought I was, nor was I as in control as I thought I had become later on when I implemented this stuff. What's important is that I trust myself and keep trying new things, and KEEP THE FAITH. I see this as fun, if I didnt there's no way I could survive the ups and downs. I know I will be in for more brutalilty and humiliation, but it's FEEDBACK for me, it's LIBERATING, I could care less. I enjoy those moments, because they wake me up and make me feel truly alive. I believe that we as a race are wired to STRUGGLE. We are built to thrive in HARD TIMES. Fuck certainty and comfort.

As long as I have control over myself, I'll be fine. Til the day i die. I understand and trust that. I'm the only person I can completely rely on and I have trust in myself.

Right Now, I am focusing on:
-Being extrovert/Talkative all the time. Being able to vibe with anyone.
-Trusting in myself at all times
-Public speaking/ Acting/ Promoting on weekends
-Never caring about what others think. Put my personality on the line and attract the right people
-Becoming congruent with the cool guy I project myself to be.
-Being more aggressive
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I'm going to be as objective as I can right now. I overthink and analyze too much. I have to start thinking positive and focusing on whatever's in front of me at the moment. I'm a worthy investment. Focus on the process, not the immediate results. Everyday, if I work on the process, I should be content. Just going out last night, even though I had doubts, was good, because I went out and socialized. I didn't talk to any girls, but at least I went out and socialized with friends. It changes my perspective. It was a good night and I felt good going out and just adventuring.

But if I want to get good I have to start measuring my progress. I'm going to post up set interactions. This is a challenge. This is my plan to get laid or die trying.

I will do 10 sets a day and put the results down here. If I can't physically get out the house I will facebook chat or phone girls. 10 sets a day. Starting right now. Post up results of the sets on here.

Post the GOOD and TO BE IMPROVED parts of the day in general. And My inner dialogue during the situation.

Today I job searched on craigslist and ate lunch with parents. So boring. I have to make it interesting.

Any constructive criticism and/or advice welcomed.

-The One
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keeping up with the field reports. i went to amber again last night with the geromino brothers. i found that amber was going down thanks to mandy, the girl i hooked up with last week. i need to number close every girl and cool guy i meet just for the sake of networking. expand a promoter network in the city so i always know what's going down. so we go to ktown get some coronas and speed down to amber lounge. it's 1am when we get there but it's still packed regardless. we start pounding shots of patron and go upstairs. i notice that i'm not in state since i was just home listening to my step dad talk about the business and other stuff while i'm nodding my head for an hour. i need to be DOMINANT at home, when i'm out, everywhere -- so it won't be a big step to get "in state." i'll just be doing what feels natural to me, start chatting people up and dancing.

so i see chris go in and his girl's into him. i go around for a bit, but i don't go in. always go in, because you never know unless you do it, i've been rewarded for going in despite uncertainty. i go up to a couple girls and dance with them. this really cute is down, she looked philipino/spanish but her friends pull her away after a while. FUCK i should have kept going and gotten her number. i'm a PLAYER. that's what PLAYERS do.

I saw mandy there with some other guy. i should have walked up to her and asked her to introduce me to her friends. NETWORK. that's how it's done. i'm going to get into promoting full-time RIGHT NOW. build up my network and fuck hot bitches left and right because i'm a fucking PLAYER4LIFE.
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Went out last night to this bar off college with MikeG and bumped into Jaq. We were just there chilling and after talkign with them about the Chinese girl that i saw last semester, they told me to just let her go. She was playing games for sure when she felt that i was a nice guy. i shouldnt have been so nice to her. I started to let her dictate the frame. i projected all these things on her. whatever. i deleted her number and facebook. gone from my life forever.

i was just listening and chatting a little bit. still in my head. i realized that i dont see things accurately when im holding back and watching everyone. i just have to act like the world is my playground and im here to have fun and take things lightly. it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks at any moment. i only know who i am and the friends i can trust and learn from. i have to focus on MY path, that's it, that's all i can manage. follow the path and things will be clear. these were the things going through my head when i was tipsy off corona beer.

stop watching and wating for a perfect moment. it'll never come. trust yourself and walk the path. enjoy the experience, life unfolding in front of you. embrace it and steer it the way you want to go. right now i'm at the computer lab, going to chill with Anchovie later. Ran into this girl i met at speed dating, should have kept talking and got her number.

Right now, i just have to stay hustling and aggressive, keep looking for jobs, training my mind to be positive and looking for solutions. i know what i want i just have to get it.

An old article by a PU teacher hits the nail on the head, talking about self-consciousness and social calibration.
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I hit up Amber last night again with jrole and the geronimos. being there with cool guys put me in state, unlike the other night at eden. rap opened a lot of sets, i'm inspired by his aggression. if i did what he did, imagine the tolerance and experience i could get.

i grinded with at least 7 girls. the first one was hot, and gave me a boner. i grind up on this cute little japanese girl, she turns around and starts touching me. i decide to escalate until she's uncomfortable. never happens. i touch her ass. she's cool. i move up her body. she's cool. i make out with her, full tongue down. she asks me where i go to school, where i'm from. i tell her she's cute, and keep tonging her down. i'm having a boner typing this right now.

it felt so good because i haven't gotten a makeout in a while. she says she's getting back to her friends, so i get her number and kiss her again. dominant.

i wasn't really feeling it before this girl, since the first few girls weren't receptive, but this turned my mood around. all goes to show, don't follow state, just stay confident and go for it.

i see Jap with some other guys. looking back on it, i should have walked up and talked to her when she was waiting on this tool outside the bathroom. overall, good night, got a makeout and number and danced with a lot of girls. next time, i should talk to more people, and hold eye contact with chicks passing by. it's time to work on my verbals.
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