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Went back to school today, It felt weird at first immersing myself in a social environment after being isolated for the past few weeks. I really need to be in this type of environment -- with friends who are accustomed to being social -- in order to keep my skills up. Being home and going to the mall every other day just won't do it. If I go back home, I have to form another group that I'm constantly in contact with, doing stuff with... it's all too easy for me to revert back into lazy, weak behavior habits....

What I first felt was a new environment (college, being with cool friends) as being responsible for giving me the balls to become stronger and dominant and getting girls... was just something that gave me confidence... It never was because I was in a new place, or that I was around the right people, or that I was "doing" anything in particular, or because I just made out a with a chick last week --- it was because I GAVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE STRONG and do what I'm supposed to do.

I'm looking for reasons to be confident. There's nothing stopping me. I always WAS good. I just FORGOT. If I want to be the ultimate player, a leader, all I have to do is ACT like it and I AM.
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Right on point man! Everytime you give yourself permission to be awesome, nothing can stop you from being that way
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 no doubt!
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