Field Reports

I've been on Fuji's training program for the second month now. I'm writing this to record my thought process at the time, there are many details that I forget, so this will appear to be a mad rambling. Ever since I got my job and started less internet usage, my world has changed. I'm in set almost all day, this constant social interaction makes me realize things about myself that I just couldn't come known if I stayed home all day. I've had success in clubs. I went to Eden in Ktown two weeks ago, got two makeouts and went back with one girl to her place, she's my girlfriend now. We went on a date over the weekend -- felt like the most relaxing day in my life. My mind would wander, but then i'd come back.. because I had this cute little thing on my shoulder. It's a great feeling.

I'm go glad I got into the whole "dating" thing. The whole "getting girls" thing. IT's changed me as a person for the better. I'm more social, I'm into self-improvement health, I'm nicer to people, I appreciate my life more, women motivate me to be my best self. Sure it has its pitfalls like anything else, but im so glad i got into this.

I need glasses now I can barely see the screen I type this. I will use internet once a week if I can. I have Debuton coming up next week, and I need to go out more, I'm supposed to be going out 3 times a week. Deko Lounge is a good place I can go around my town. I still have work, they are cutting hours, I need to apply places in the city and move in with my girl, I can still go out a lot, and I don't need a car. Talking with Psych on Thursday. 
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